William (Memo Sr.) Berriochoa

William (Memo Sr.) Berriochoa

Transliquid Technologies LLC. and Noxguard México SA de CV, CEO

Memo Sr. loves creating new business ideas and forming teams to accomplish them successfully. This is how Transliquid Technologies, LLC (TLT), creator of the Noxguard brand, was initiated back in 2008. He was introduced to Diesel Exhaust Fluid through his involvement in bulk chemical transportation. Working for major carriers in the US, he decided to spin off and form this unique company that has undoubtedly become a complete success story. With outstanding partner investors, incredibly talented family members and a team of young and enthusiastic employees, TLT leads ground in the production, packaging and distribution of DEF in the US and Mexico.

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Memo is a family man, a devoted father and caring husband. He likes extreme sports, but he enjoys golf mostly now.

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