Ruptures in supply chain industry

Ruptures in supply chain industry

At a global level, a rupture in supply chain has been noted, given the current circumstances that not only have to do with the pandemic, though this was perhaps the trigger. Noxguard DEF has noticed a change in the consumer behavior from our shipping customers, including naval companies.

“Nearly two-thirds (62%) of managers said they will seek new or alternative suppliers to rebuild their supply chains in the wake of the COVID-19 disruption,” according to MH&L Staff; and under their scheme, it is said that to reach pre-COVID-19 levels it will take at least a year.

Unfortunately there are companies in the chain that will have lost the battle. This is why we must renew ourselves to survive the current situation of trade wars, pandemics, policies that affect the chain, and soon the hurricane season ending on November which has been more devastating lately.

We know that certain industries are on hold, such as retailers, but the movement of goods that include food has been on the rise in terms of intensity in a short period of time. Here we find opportunities and sectors willing to pay for quality services. Picture the scenario after a hurricane that hit several communities hard. There would be paralyzed sectors, including the urban transport system, but others such as medicine and household repair materials that would begin to increase their movement.

“As a result, transportation networks are being disrupted, which has a ripple effect on the national supply chain system,” as mentioned by Yatish Desai, KPMG director and national leader for logistics and distribution, and who anticipates certain useful strategies for carriers, such as keeping in touch with transportation companies, activating emergency plans, and staying informed about state and federal regulations, among others.

Ultimately we are all in this together, and having a precise outlook and a spirit of cooperation, can put us on a better path while these blows to the supply chain become the normal.

At Transliquid Technologies, with our flagship product Noxguard DEF, we are committed to be a strong link in the chain by continuing to provide quality service to our clients in these troubled times; as well as acting as a team with other suppliers so we can all move forward.

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