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How Much DEF Will You Need? Our DEF Calculator Will Help You

Noxguard DEF Calculator

Please use this calculator as a reference so you can prevent running out of product.


Estimates of usage are approximate and provided as a courtesy only, without any liability. Actual consumption may be more or less than the estimated quantity and will vary  based on various factors, in addition to the assumptions used in calculating the estimate, including vehicle condition, type of roads traveled and weight of the load carried.


Please let us know if you have any questions about your DEF requirements, we are aware of the difficulties and doubts that this technology may present and happy to help. In our blog you can find some other answers to common problems. In case you do not find the required information, please let us know what your specific questions are. We have a great team of people who can guide you, from mechanical matters to regulations in the world of Diesel Exhausted Fluid.

Enter the number of SCR trucks you operate

Enter the average miles for a single truck, traveled in one year (default is 100,000 miles p.a.)

Enter the average fuel mileage of your trucks (measured as MPG, defaults is 6 MPG)

Default dosage rate is 4% DEF per every gallon of diesel fuel based on engine manufactures


Estimated Annual Consumption*

Average yearly gallons of DEF you may consume

Recommended form of package to be used when ordering DEF

Number of containers needed



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