Our fleet of trailers and pipes dedicated to transporting DEF is now larger.

Our fleet of trailers and pipes dedicated to transporting DEF is now larger.

Our fleet of trailers and pipes dedicated to transporting DEF is now larger.

At Transliquid Technologies LLC we have been striving to do things right, even in these tough times, and it seems our strategies are paying off. One way to measure them is the need that was generated in our logistics department to increase our fleet, dedicated to our products exclusively: Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid and DI-Water, which have also increased sales steadily.

To a large extent, this is because we are interpreting the market, as well as the particular needs of our clients. The how, when and where to ship. The highest quality in production and logistics processes; having a highly qualified and efficient staff, so as not to increase costs that are transferred to the price of the product to the detriment of our client portfolio. This awareness of giving the best at the best cost has been the formula for our growth, which goes hand in hand with the growth and solidification of the companies we serve with enthusiasm and professionalism; result: growth.

We now have a dozen tractors with pipes, which gives us a delivery capacity of more than 43,000 gallons in a combined delivery (about 164,000 liters). Only on bulk deliveries in and around Texas; serving 15% of the market in this area. The latter without considering our packaged products, where we have even more presence in truckstops and self-service stores. With this we have tripled our delivery capacity in less than a year.

On the other hand, our DI-Water product has had a notable growth in sales, firstly, because it is now delivered in bulk and secondly because it is supplied to several clients in our plant. With the current fleet we ship 66,000 gallons (250.00 liters) per month, exceeding our expectations for 2020 ⏤an extremely complicated year considering the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) pandemic ⏤ which indicates that we are overcoming the complications that arose in a period of rarefied politics and tremendous damage due to general health reasons in the United States.

Another strategy that has to do with our logistics process, is the acquisition of a 53 feet dry box with which we plan to supply to our dealers such as Buc-ee’s gas stations.

Noxguard DEF and DI-Water have allowed us to establish a development structure that has not been easy. But it has been sustained without a doubt, always complying with all the official specifications and quality certifications with which we have been able to take advantage of the niche and the business opportunities that these products represent. Likewise, the transparency in our manufacturing process, since customers can follow the manufacturing batches on our site.

The certainty that in each of our new pipes our product is monitored until delivery to our customer’s tanks, our highly qualified operators with extensive experience in the sector as well as our tightly controlled processes, are all aces in our deck and the result is a notable increase to our delivery routes and customer reach.

Any questions about our services and products are always welcome. Transliquid Technologies LLC, has always been open to custom solutions that allow us to increase our spectrum of solutions to fit your particular needs.

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