New Generations on Climate Change

This September, the controversial and striking rhetoric of young climate change activist filled the media and made its rounds on the news. 16 year old Greta Thunberg attended the UN Climate Change World Summit in New York City. Besides ratifying herself as a defender-of-ecosystems celebrity, her sharp statements brought a stir to the current conflict between sectors that disqualify reality (built on data and studies) and those who argue that human activity is increasing the Earth’s average temperature in more than 1.5 degrees, causing immense affectations to the stability of the planet.

Greta Thunber at a climate demostration:

Greta Thunber at a climate demostration:

This young woman delivers an inflammatory speech against world leaders. Her mother, Malena Ernman, in her memoir “Scenes of the heart” recalls Greta´s struggles with bullying in school, and with her health as she suffers from Asperger syndrome, a mild form of autism. This has led to some detractors claiming the girl´s mental condition makes her interested and fascinated by specific issues and topics in an almost obsessive way, with environmental lobbyists taking advantage of her and turning her into their “puppet”.

The truth is, whether or not an obsessive mania is what leads to her strong and passionate speech, the data is undeniable: the temperature of the Earth has risen, thawing of the ice at the poles happens, the sea level rises, the storms and meteorological phenomena are increasingly intensifying, endangered species are almost extinct and so much more. All due to the “greenhouse effect” that produces, among other gases, CO2.

In the USA there are groups brought together by social media that deny scientific facts, doubting the evolution of the species and spreading the idea of a flat Earth. The perception of reality wavers and it´s no surprise that environmental regulations are perceived as “tree-huggers politics” or that green norms are implemented by the government just as a means to raise taxes. Confusion is common between what “the weather forecast” implies, against the great cycles that make up the Earth’s climate.

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[to be continued…]

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