Net orders of Class 8 units exploded

Net orders of Class 8 units exploded
For this end of the year, in the last days of December of this difficult year 2020, Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), shares this graph that we show below.

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Anyone would say that it shows the sadly famous curve of accumulated infections of Covid-19 in the USA. But it is about the sales / manufacture of Class 8 units (Heavy Vehicles, 33,001 pounds - 14,969 kg and higher).

In November, orders increased  by 31% month-over-month and almost three times the level of November 2019. Class 8 orders for the past twelve months continue to increase and now stand at 250,000 units.

As we discussed in a previous post, the fact that American society is certainly held back by health considerations that require isolation has only increased the need to move goods. This effect is expected to increase in 2021. Tractor fleets have requested more units for two reasons: the increase in logistics mobility and the fear that the manufacture of units will eventually be reduced. Likewise, an increase in productivity is expected in the first months of 2021.

ACT Research (the leader in US transportation and commercial vehicle market data) had the preliminary Class 8 number at 51,900 units. “The pandemic impacted economy continues to play into the hands of trucking,” added Kenny Vieth, ACT’s president and senior analyst. “With freight rates surging to record levels the past three months and carrier profits certain to follow, orders accelerated in November.”

Now in terms of our opinion, we think this scheme is here to stay. Due to the pandemic, certain realities were left in the background, like retailers dangerously running a race to extinction, leaving end-user consumption in the hands of e-Commerce. This implies that what was previously delivered in large volumes to department store warehouses, now has to reach the last link in the chain, the consumer. We believe the pandemic only came to solidify and accelerate what was already a reality.

Noxguard DEF has been ready for months to face the increase in the use of this resource to reduce NOx emissions that damage our health and air quality. Today, taking into account the delicate state of our environment, we remain committed to playing our part in improving our planet for the benefit of all.

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