Generations on Climate Change (Part II)

Generations on Climate Change (Part II)

The most important fact –one that we have mentioned in previous posts– is that a standard diesel engine that doesn´t feature the newest technology to reduce pollutants, emits Nitrogen Oxides (not to be mistaken for nitrous oxide). Nitrogen Oxides, when freed to the atmosphere, turn to CO2 with a very alarming ratio of 1 to 300. In other words, for every gallon of NOx in the air, the result will be 300 gallons of CO2. And this is exactly what we want to address: the effect of human interactions on global warming through CO2 emissions.

Our product Noxguard Diesel Exhaust Fluid paired with catalytic converter technology, manages to lower nocive diesel engine emissions to an unprecedented low level, breaking them into harmless nitrogen on the one hand, and water on the other. Yes, natural nitrogen and water are released instead of Nitrogen Oxides, thus contributing to a healthier environment and cleaner air.


The new generations bring a ray of hope to the human fate

The new generations bring a ray of hope to the human fate.

It is as simple as watching the dark fumes come out of a diesel engine exhaust system with no catalytic converter versus the natural emissions of an engine that does have said technology and uses DEF. Additionally, the autonomy of a vehicle with DEF technology versus an old and conventional one could be measured with eye-opening results.

There´s this idea that DEF is nothing more than urine. This is a misunderstanding stemming from the fact that DEF is 32.5% urea, a substance that naturally occurs in the urinary tract, plus 67.5% deionized water. And the production of this chemical must be adapted to strict regulations issued by the EPA. Thus, comparing DEF with urine is akin as saying that silk is just worms.

Actually, there´s much that can be done to help our planet. The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), a UN body, stated that in January 2018 there were 420 Gigatons of CO2 in the atmosphere, and as for today there are 350 Gigatons. Most of these tons are emitted by human activity like deforestation, arson, war, energy generation and manufacturing of goods.

The new generations bring a ray of hope to the human fate, as they have access to an unprecedented amount of information and are strongly committed to turning back the climate change. Also, older generations are facing some impacts to the economy caused directly or indirectly by predation of the environment. And as everybody knows, “money talks”, so they are viewing these affectations as a wakeup call to joining millennials and gen Xers in the solving of the environmental problem.

In Transliquid Technologies, we provide a series of actions and products like DEF that counteract the “greenhouse effect” and support new technologies that are already a reality; as well as raise awareness through our comments and posts in social networks. Join us in this crusade for the planet!

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