DI-Water, An inside look

We are very proud to share with you guys our new DI-water system here at Transliquid Technologies. In the process to grow and better serve our growing list of clients, we have been modifying the manufacturing process to become more efficient. As a short recap for those who are new to the DEF world, Diesel Exhaust Fluid is 32.5 percent automotive grade urea and 67.5 percent DI water. Water purity is key to blending the perfect batch of DEF, with out it contamination will occur; causing the SCR system to shut down and the diesel-powered engine will not run.

In order to have pure Deionized water, different filters are used throughout the manufacturing process.


    • Salt filter
    • Charcoal filter
    • Softener filter
    • Reverse osmosis
    • DI system
    • Scrubers




Although we have not changed this basic process, the new system is more advanced. Our new filtration system can handle a much larger water capacity, and can continuously regenerate itself, providing consistent water without exhaustion. The new system combines reverse osmosis and continuous electro-deionization (EDI).

Now more than ever we are prepared to provide our customers with top quality De-ionized water. DI-Water is used in many different industries, where completely almost 100% pure water is needed. Pharmaceutical companies, electronics systems and medical research companies all use Deionized water in their applications. It can also be beneficial to use Deionized water at home in any clothes steamers and irons, to prevent buildup in the machines.

If you are interested in buying bulk loads of DI-Water, please contact us or call at 281 377 5845

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