DEF Master Pumps

A powerful stainless steel vane self-priming pump with either AC or DC power

TO.ME.S Def Pump Detail


Pump Specs

Anti-flooding and thermal protector for motor protection.


  • The flow rate for the DEF Master pumps is an outstanding 7-9 GPM with a ¾” NPT.
  • It comes with a 2 Yr. warranty, one of the longest in the industry.
  • TO.ME.S Def Pump DC Charge TO.ME.S Def Pump Current Specs

Pump Kit for DEF Master

Everything you need to pump from a tote or drum.



TO.ME.S Def Pump with Tote


TO.ME.S Def Pump  Nozzle Automatic stainless steel nozzle

Full body stainless steel. Durability you can count on.

This fully stainless steel nozzle is unbelievably light at 6 pounds and even has the meter attached for convenience.


Automatic stainless steel meter

Shock Proof.

The TO.ME.S meter feels incredibly sturdy from the moment you pick it up. It is sensitive to touch making it easy to use. And with its LCD screen easy to read.

TO.ME.S Def Pump Stainless Steel Meter