Fleet Pro DEF

The Fleet Pro DEF winter is a direct reflection on our consistent approach at function, durability, and affordability. The machine formed panels are 100% weatherproof and extend the entire height. The double locking system consists of clips that attach the panels to steel cables, securely wrapped around the tank.

A key component to Transliquid's DEF equipment portfolio, the Fleet Pro DEF Summer was created for private fleets. The tank is UV protected with a heavy duty locking cabinet. Coupled the German Hornet pump.

The standard package includes:

  • One of either a 500, 1000, or 2000 gal tanks
  • 5ft galvanized locking cabinet
  • 110V Hornet DEF Pump
  • 20ft dispense hose/suction hose
  • Digital/ resettable meter
  • Automatic nozzle
  • 2'' dry break valve system for refilling

Upgrades available include: Hose reel, DEF filtration systems, dual cabinets with pumps, liquid level indicator, wireless telemetry and overfill alarm.