DEF Tower Dispenser

DEF Tower

Fluid management system


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DEF Tower comes equipped with everything needed for fluid management, in order to prevent losses.

P.O.D.S. Open view
TO.ME.S Tower Package Specs

Automatic hose reel

Stainless steel and weatherproof


P.O.D.S. Key preventing tampering

Fluid management technology


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Solid, compact with Hose-stop. Up to 65 ft. of hose with hose guide, hose bumper and automatic return hose.

P.O.D.S Specs
P.O.D.S Top View

Management Software

Graphic interface for data management


Allows the management of data collected by one or multiple systems installed on dispensers. Each fuel delivery is recorded by the software and then sent to a PC for ease of data usage.

DEF Tower Pump

A powerful stainless steel vane self-priming pump with asynchronous AC motor.

P.O.D.S TO.ME.S Pump

Control Dispenser

Store up to 500 transactions.

Access for up to 250 users. Includes keys and PC connections. Don’t let product go to waste and Improve dispensing control in your business


Automatic stainless steel nozzle

Full body stainless steel. Durability you can count on.

This fully stainless steel nozzle is unbelievably light at 5.5 pounds with up to 10 GPMs.

TO.ME.S Pump Piston Quality Detail

Stainless steel body flow meter for private supply.

Up to 26.4 Gal/min.

With an error margin of only +/- .5% you can always count on the information provided.