Wireless Tank Level Monitors, Houston Texas – Q/A

What is a wireless tank level monitoring system?

It is a cost efficient way where you can gain information on the amount of product inside your tank before you order or before you send someone to climb up on your tank. Understanding the cost of running out of product or allowing a customer to run out is crucial. These systems offer the flexibility of a complete wireless remote tank monitoring, now available to you.









What are some of the benefits of a wireless tank level monitoring system?

1) The hardware automatically will wake up and check the product level inside your tank at set intervals. It will then send data that will get translated into a special graphical report on your computer screen; detecting critical set points, history, and forecast.

2) Your options to receive notifications are via email, text message.

3) Your reports can be scheduled for any time.

Do I need to purchase an expensive software to monitor my tanks?

No.  A software package purchase is not required. You have flexibility to login through a web portal with your own login name and password.

How difficult is it to install these units?

Units are simple to install.  First of all, a 1″ or 2″ NPT opening is needed on the tank, this is where the cable and sensor will fit through. One, you would place the hardware piece on the tank either mounted on the NPT opening. Two, run the cable and sensor through the opening. Three, activate the unit.  We will be there to help you activate it.

What if I need to monitor different locations?

The user interface (UI) inside the web portal will allow you to assign regions.  This will give you the flexibility to pull up your tank information by regions or all at once as desired.  By the same token, the UI will also allow you to set preferences as to whom is able to access and or see tanks in those regions.

How do I determine if my product will work with your Wireless tank level monitor system?

Leave that to us.  We offer different types of sensors depending on how the tank is set up and product specifications.  From ultra sonic sensors, to pressure sensors. All we need is the specifications of your tank, and the MSDS ( or general spec) of the product.

I will be changing products periodically, do I need to buy two units to monitor each product? 

No. Each one of the products have a specific gravity; so internally all that we do is adjust the settings so that the sensors can read the appropriate product.  Our customer service department will gladly make those adjustments as you change products inside your tank.

Does your system work through the GSM digital network?

Yes.  We provide wireless tank level monitors equipment for the GSM network.

From a maintenance perspective, how soon do I need to replace the batteries on the wireless tank level unit(s)?

The combination of solar power energy and/or  batteries only is available.  The average life of the batteries is 2 years. At this point you can purchase the batteries at your local store or we can ship you new ones.

Is the solution completely wireless?

Yes. this solution is 100% wireless; utilizing new technology, long life batteries and cellular networks. No other phone lines or outside power is required.

transliquid_meeting-resized-600 How do I get in contact with someone to start discussing my project?

We will be happy to discuss your project and guide you through it. You may call usat 281-377-5845 option #4, email us at info@transliquidtechnologies.com or schedule a Webinar tour.

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