UL 2085 Fireguard tanks & installation Houston Texas – new series

Hi everyone- we are back on topic for UL 2085 tanks due to the demand of questions coming in.  As we understand; the city of Houston Texas has new regulations that may now point to the use of Fireguard UL2085 storage tanks for the safe storage of Diesel and or Gasoline.

blogdrawing11-2155[1]1We have been hard at work here in Houston, Galveston, and San Antonio; helping you meet specifications, understand the permits required, and guide you as to how to propertly executive the projects to get you back in compliance.

We though it was important to generate a guide for those looking for answers as to how to get back with the correct type of storage tanks (UL142, UL2085 Fireguard)

The intial set of answers that we always require are as follows, this helps us determine jurisdiction and the permit process.

1. List City and County of where project is to be located.

2. Do you require permitting, off loading, and or training?

3. Do you have a specific type of requirement on dispensing equipment?

4. Is there a fuel management system alreay in place where we would need to tie into?

The following series is meant to serve as a guide to:

1. What is a UL2085 tank?

2. What is on the tank (accessories),

3. Dispensing systems,

4. Permits

5. Installation

6. Service

So, enjoy the following short video at the bottom, on a recent small installation and stay tuned for the upcoming blog series.  As always, if you need to talk to one of us; please call us at 281-377-5845 or email us at info@transliquidtechnologies.com

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The Av gas and Jet A fuel transfer pump guide package – Part II

Happy Monday folks!  On our previous post we discussed the DC portable transfer pump for Aviation (Jet A and avgas).  This is part II of this mini series concentrating on the following:

  • AC power transfer pumps  -explosion proof-
  • Filtration systems
  • Filtering your Aviation fuel if sitting for longer periods.

So let’s get started:

Question: I need a Jet A pump to fill up our Helicopters giving us 40-50 GPM, what options do I have?

The set up is a remote area where a 1000 gallon UL 2085 will be the main work horse to store the Jet A fuel.


The pump is an AC Power Blade Master series 1562 explosion proof transfer pump; this versatile pump can handle Jet A, avgas, JP5, JP8 Aviation fuel.  The highlights are as follows:

  • Explosion Proof Junction Box
  • 1.5 HP Explosion Proof UL Listed
  • Engineered to Operate Dry and/or Self Priming
  • Transfer pump for Aviation fuels at 45 GPM




Download the specification sheet now, click here.





We always recommend a good filter and Velcon is what we have always installed for Aviation. These filter housings are versatile housings designed for use with several different high performance Aquacon® and other filter cartridges.

Aquacon® cartridges filter out water by chemically locking it into layers of super-absorbent media. Water capacity is as much as 11/2 quarts, depending on the specific vessel and cartridge. These cartridges also effectively filter out dirt, rust and other particulates.





1681-R17 Rev 05_06.indd


Concerned about removing water and dirt from Jet A fuel and avgas? These filter elements have a unique high-capacity inner filter media which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this media.

When do I know it is time to change the cartridge? – When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell and cause an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridge.


Question: What happens if my Jet A fuel will sit for months, how do I filter it?

The beauty about this set up is that the same pump that is being use to push product out to the aircraft (Blade master 1562) can be set up to come on automatically and filter the fuel inside your tank.

How do we do that? During installation, we will adapt a return line back into the tank, we will also fit the pump set up with an automatic timer so that the pump will come on at your specified time interval.

Looking for more information on UL 2085 or F921 storage tanks for Jet A or avgas, go to our tank section by clicking here.

If you have any further questions on how this fully automated set up will work; please do not hesitate to contact us . . . .or call us at +1-281-377-5845


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What is the smallest UL 2085 tank available out of Houston Texas?

Hi folks-  we have been receiving a number of calls on UL 2085 above ground storage tanks for the greater Houston area.  Some of the key questions center around quick availability for these UL 2085 Fireguard tanks while others center around capacity and field installation.

We thought these questions were important enough to get them on the blog.  Now, if you have a storage tank for either diesel or gasoline for your own internal use; chances are that you have a standard single wall tank with secondary containment (containment pan). What our customers are telling us is that they is a big push to get upgraded to a UL 2085 Fireguard tank, of course, this is subject to your local Fire Marshall and jurisdiction.


So, back to the first question:

“What is the availability of a 1000 gal UL 2085 Fireguard tank in Houston Texas, are they in stock?

Answer- Unfortunately these tanks are not in stock, they are only built to order.  Unlike a standard 1000 gal UL 142 storage tank that we do stock in Houston Texas; these UL 2085 require a lead time ranging from 6-8 weeks currently.

What is the smallest capacity UL 2085 that you can provide?

Answer- Great question.  Following is a list of standard sizes, notice we say standard sizes for a UL 2085 but we can provide any custom size that you require.  These sizes give you the best price delivered.

1. UL 2085 – 120 gallons. Size: 39″ dia x 60″ Long

2. UL 2085 –  150 gallons. Size: 42″ dia x 60″ Long

3. UL 2085 – 280 gallons. Size: 49″ dia x 72″ Long

4. UL 2085 – 360 gallons. Size: 54″ dia x 72″ Long

5. UL 2085 – 500 gallons. Size: 61″ dia X 72″ Long

6. UL 2085 – 1000 gallons. Size 76″ dia x 84″ Long

Storage Tanks


Can you install these UL 2085 tanks?

Answer- No, we can deliver to site only and they can be off-loaded by your team.  These tanks can be manufactured and delivered to your site of choice in Texas.

So, there you have it; the smallest capacity (standard size) up to 1000 gallons.

If you need a spec sheet, General Arrangement, a quote; please do not hesitate to contact us, click here now.  Need to speak with a member of our sales team; call us today at 281-377-5845.

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UL 2080 and UL 2085 tanks – Helping you serve your customers faster

There seems a big push as we finish this second quarter and enter the third quarter this year, for UL approved fuel tanks.  We have seen the bottle-necks for UL 142 tanks, UL 2085, and UL 2080 all in their double wall configuration.  Most Texas fabricators have long lead times of 12 weeks and longer, which is a great thing because that means that the manufacturing sector is busy; on the other hand it is not so good news for you.


From experience, when you call us is because there is a project brewing or close to getting started.  You, as our customer, simply cannot afford to wait 4 months or longer. So, what is going on? One theory is that we are well underway to a healthy recovery and therefore, most smaller shops are still under staffed but the new orders are starting coming in. Most of these shops were top heavy with personnel, but when the downturn hit us; most of them eliminated internal positions.

These are all theories, but the truth is that long lead times are here, and it is a reality for most of us.

If you are looking for UL 2085 fireguard, UL 142 fuel tanks double wall, or UL 2080 fireshield tanks, we have promised our customers that we would maintain our distribution lead times as short as possible to help you, your projects, and your customers.  So, we will try to maintain those delivery times to under 6 weeks for the greater Houston area and surroundings. For example, a standard 10,000 gallon UL 2085 Fireguard right now ships in 6 weeks after receipt of approval drawings.  My hope is that the deliveries will help you expand your business and serve your customers better and faster.










Note: Full Installation services is available.

Last, in order to save you some time, here is what you need to know about the standard configuration of 10,000 gallon UL 2085 fuel tank, expect the following:

 Primary Tank –

Diameter 120″ x Length 204″

Heads–> 1/4″ /   Shell—> 1/4″

 Secondary Tank –

Diameter 132″ x Length 216″

Heads –>5/16″ /  Shell–> 1/4″

Including the following items:

4x 2″ T.O.E. Nipples

2x 4″ T.O.E. Nipples

1x 8″ T.O.E. Nipple (Primary emergency vent)

1x 8″ T.O.E. Nipple (Secondary emergency vent)

2x 4″ 8oz Emergency Vents

2x 6″ x 8″ HTC Lifting Lugs

2x U/L Constructed Saddles

1x 2″ External Perlite Insulation

1x 20″ Manway

3″ Perlite Insulation

Tank Exterior is Shop Primed and Painted with a White Top Coat.

We will deliver the tank anywhere in Texas and surrounding areas.

Ask for a general drawing to help you get started with your design. Click here

Feel free to email us with any questions. We look forward to talking with you.

The Transliquid Team


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