What is the smallest UL 2085 tank available out of Houston Texas?

Hi folks-  we have been receiving a number of calls on UL 2085 above ground storage tanks for the greater Houston area.  Some of the key questions center around quick availability for these UL 2085 Fireguard tanks while others center around capacity and field installation.

We thought these questions were important enough to get them on the blog.  Now, if you have a storage tank for either diesel or gasoline for your own internal use; chances are that you have a standard single wall tank with secondary containment (containment pan). What our customers are telling us is that they is a big push to get upgraded to a UL 2085 Fireguard tank, of course, this is subject to your local Fire Marshall and jurisdiction.


So, back to the first question:

“What is the availability of a 1000 gal UL 2085 Fireguard tank in Houston Texas, are they in stock?

Answer- Unfortunately these tanks are not in stock, they are only built to order.  Unlike a standard 1000 gal UL 142 storage tank that we do stock in Houston Texas; these UL 2085 require a lead time ranging from 6-8 weeks currently.

What is the smallest capacity UL 2085 that you can provide?

Answer- Great question.  Following is a list of standard sizes, notice we say standard sizes for a UL 2085 but we can provide any custom size that you require.  These sizes give you the best price delivered.

1. UL 2085 – 120 gallons. Size: 39″ dia x 60″ Long

2. UL 2085 –  150 gallons. Size: 42″ dia x 60″ Long

3. UL 2085 – 280 gallons. Size: 49″ dia x 72″ Long

4. UL 2085 – 360 gallons. Size: 54″ dia x 72″ Long

5. UL 2085 – 500 gallons. Size: 61″ dia X 72″ Long

6. UL 2085 – 1000 gallons. Size 76″ dia x 84″ Long

Storage Tanks


Can you install these UL 2085 tanks?

Answer- No, we can deliver to site only and they can be off-loaded by your team.  These tanks can be manufactured and delivered to your site of choice in Texas.

So, there you have it; the smallest capacity (standard size) up to 1000 gallons.

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