Transfer pumps, on location with the new fuel transfer pumps from PIUSI

Transfer pumps are abundant out there; with plenty of choices to overwhelm you for a full day.  We receive a lot of inquiries from outside the US regarding packages for diesel transfer pumps with their own set of custom specifications.  Most are dc fuel transfer pumps, these are the 12 volt transfer pumps.  Now, we have been very happy with the performance and overall package of the robust diesel fuel transfer systems coming from PIUSI for the US market.

PIUSI Cube 70 & 56


From the PIUSI Cube 56, and PIUSI Cube 70, to the newly updated PIUSI Cube 70 MC.  These fuel transfer pumps and fuel management packages are standing out well out there in the market place.

The Cube 70 MC fuel transfer pump package is currently a hot seller for us; aside from the obvious, this little gem does so much. With the ability to record 250 transactions, this is a complete diesel fuel consumption management system that can kick your receipt box to the curb.  Yes, I said receipts because that is exactly what it does for our customers; no more paper receipts. Making your life a little easier, this transfer pump package will allow you to download transactions to a manager’s key straight into your PC via a USB. Easy, 1.2..3.. and all the transactions download straight into your PC; making your fuel inventory management headaches  so much simpler.

Enjoy the short video.


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Emergency diesel fuel transfer kit, PIUSI BOX- Hurricane season

Officially, Hurricane season runs from June through November, back in 2008 Houston was hit by a category 3 hurricane in the month of September. Neighborhoods were devastated, Galveston Island was under water, and everyone was scrambling for emergency generators. Now if you are in Texas, you have probably experienced in some way or another the storms , flash flooding and severe thunder which have caused power outages and major devastation.

Back in 2008 ,fuel transfer pumps and related equipment was being sought after for Hurricane relief efforts, specifically diesel fuel transfer pumps for generators and such.

This year, we would like to re-introduce the Piusi diesel transfer pump, PIUSIBOX, it is meant to serve in emergency situations such as a hurricane or storm.  Piusi fuel dispensers are above the competition on reliability, portability, and packaging.



With the PIUSIBOX made by PIUSI, you have all the tools required for transferring diesel fuel. It is designed to keep clean the parts that come in contact wight the diesel, that might otherwise become contaminated by sand, dirt and dust.

1) Self priming transfer pump

2) 12 gpm

3) Delivery hose and pump nozzle

4) Suction hose with foot valve

5) Available in 12V and 24V

….all housed in a beautiful, durable, and portable package.

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Piusi CUBE 70 & CUBE 56 – how diesel dispensers should think

Earlier this week I was talking to an international customer that had a need to track his diesel fuel consumption, and at the same time alleviate the need to forecast, and secure the availability of diesel fuel to their own fleet.  The conversation started with the Piusi CUBE 56 and Piusi CUBE 70 dispensers, both very capable of handling flow rates between 15-18 gallons per minute.

PIUSI Cube 70 & 56

These PIUSI CUBE pumps were developed for the distribution of Diesel fuel in a non-commercial application. Vehicles can be refuelled quickly and safety with CUBE fuel pumps. Options are available for measuring and recording the quantities dispensed.

The flow-meters mounted on CUBE pumps have sturdy mechanical readout systems whose reliability and easiness to use have been time proven over and over again.








After further discussing the topic deeper as to why this was important to them.  We found out that there was a very rooted problem; they lacked the ability to know how much and how many times their folk lift fleet of 75 units were stopping to refuel.
The current system did not allow them to track fuel dispensing, forecast fuel consumption, or even have a any security measures as to whom had access to the fuel. That conversation lead us to the PISUI CUBE 70 MC, with this dispenser our customer is going to be able to:

1.  control up to 50 users

2. and download data can into a PC both by means of the magnetic key and by cable connection.

3. Store data for the last 200 forklifts on its local memory

4. Accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.

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MC Box system- Fuel Management

Piusi Cube 70 MC
Piusi Cube 70 MC

The MC Box fuel management panel has the capability to control and manage the consumption of fuel for the private and commercial user sector.
Its intelligent design allows the unit to be easily connected or added to both new and existing pumps providing low cost, simple, easy to use fuel management .
The Mc Box is the perfect solution as an “Add on” unit for existing pumps or where it is preferable to have the pumps and control panel installed in two different places.
The MC system consists of a dedicated multi-user panel with the option to connect to a PC.


The control panel has the ability to:
Switch a pump on/off
Recognize authorised users by means of i-button key or pin code
Preset a quantity to dispense
Manage a pulse meter to measure quantity dispensed
Manage an external level switch to control pump operation on low level
Operate an external nozzle switch
Connect to a PC for exporting data files
Connect to an external printer

The system is easy to install and has excellent weather resistance. The wiring connections are located in an easy to access electric box.

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Piusi CUBE 70 MC – Diesel fuel dispensers for private fleet owners

Piusi Cube 70 MC
Piusi Cube 70 MC

The PIUSI Cube70 is designed to help private fleet owners control and manage their diesel fuel consumption. The PIUSI CUBE70 has been designed and manufactured around the need of a compact diesel-fuel dispenser that is easy to install, ensures fast and precise dispensing and can only be used by qualified personnel. A dedicated software permits exporting data to a PC.
The compact body contains the nozzle holder, the pump and the meter.

Fuel Management:

The electronic unit is able to control up to 50 users, including by means of a magnetic key, and permits dispensing with preselection. Data can be downloaded into a PC both by means of the magnetic key and by cable connection.
CUBE 70 MC can be fitted to a wall, directly on the tank by means of the quick coupling or on a column. In terms of low running costs, compact dimensions and flexibility, together with all-round efficiency, CUBE 70 MC is a truly unique dispenser.

Performance specifications

• Flow rates from 70 l/min.
• Pre-selected dispensing.
• Accuracy: ± -0.5 % within flow rate range.
• Local memory capable of storing data for the last 200 deliveries.
• Can accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.
• Records date and time of dispensing.
• Magnetic keys for user identification

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