Diesel Exhaust Fluid Mini Bulk Fleet dispensers Texas – hot enough?

Folks – its been a very exciting first quarter for us and our DEF distributors. I do want to take the time to welcome our new subscribers and hope you will find our blog informative, fun and valuable to you and your customers.

brand_loyaltysmallWe have been involved in a lot of exciting online discussions all centering around Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). Topics range from difference in all the merging brands, regional pricing, and of course equipment. I do want to get back to the topic of DEF branding on a separate blog entry because it was very interesting to hear and discuss the perception of branding. That should be very interesting topic here, don’t you all think?

Anyway, back to topic. The question that keeps coming back lately for us here in the South is about temperature and how it impacts Diesel Exhaust Fluid. We are now, let’s see in the middle of April, and today was 89F already. So, the question begs, what do you do to help keep that temperature down for those of you already in amino bulk set up or considering it?

For those of you just starting to research Mini Bulk fleet dispensers for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF ), we will define what a Mini Bulk tank is: Transliquid defines IBC totes as intermediate bulk containers (275-330 gal for DEF) , DEF Mini Bulk range starts at 400 gallons of DEF up to 2000 gallons, and Bulk in upwards of the last benchmark.

Now to be fair, there are a lot of great products out there, so we are not going to get into who is better, we always say do your homework and search for that product that meets your specific need. Now, to the question about temperature; below is a cut away from our friends at KleerBlue along with a temperature test, illustrating this topic.



400 gallon Mini Bulk Fleet



Our recommendation for any one searching for information or ready to move up to a Mini Bulk set up but still concerned about temperature. Take these questions into consideration:

1. Are the tanks single, double, or triple walled?

2. What is the insulating factor?

3. Are the tanks under a roof or open to the sun?

4.What is the power requirement?

5. Do you offer installation services?

6. Any leaching problems from construction materials?

7. Any corrosion problems?

8. Standard Warranty?

9. Is your DEF supplier ready to stand behind their product?

10. This is an obvious one, but make sure that the all wetted parts meet ISO 22241-3:2008(E).

10.5 Know the shelf like of DEF? If unfamiliar, give us a shout.


KleerBlue and Transliquid always recommends shading the insulating tank and dispenser, and turning over your fluid as much as possible to keep your DEF solution at its optimum quality.

Don’t forget to download the free temperature test document, so head over here now. Hopefully that will put your concerns at rest.


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