Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Houston Texas- Customer Service Part I

Our approach here at Transliquid is and will continue to be “service” to you, our customer.  On that note, the purpose of this blog is to provide as much information as possible to you, the customer so that we can empower you to make the best decision for your business, your customers, your fleets.

When you go look for Diesel Exhaust Fluid here in Houston Texas and its dispensing pump systems; light duty, medium or heavy duty applications; the questions follow: What do I choose? Who do I buy from? and most importantly in our opinion is, what do I need for my own fleet now?










We know you have a lot of questions, we hear them.  We understand this is new to your business, and new to your fleet. So, we are gong to begin a series of online clinics (blog entries) to discuss Diesel Exhaust Fluid, its dispensers for IBC totes, or dispensers for drums, handling, problems to avoid, and much more.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AUS 32, is a high purity solution of 32.5% urea in deionized water. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a colorless, odorless, non-hazardous, non flammable, and non-combustible liquid product.  This was developed to meet Tier 2 emission standards.

On our next blog entry, we want to discuss distribution options, container size options, and open and closed dispensing systems.

So, subscribe by email to this blog. We want to “service” you by providing you the right tools for your business and your fleet; requiring Diesel Exhaust Exhaust (DEF).  Remember, you have a very advanced system in your truck; keeping it clean and free of impurities is essential.  Know your warranty, know your supplier, and know your options.

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How Diesel Exhaust Fluid works (video) – Houston Texas USA

Our good friends at SunCoast Resources posted a great video on how this awesome technology truly works. Diesel Exhaust Fluid here in Houston and abroad is picking up speed and Transliquid Technologies is excited to be involved with this changing technology.

Being able to reduce emissions to nearly zero is extreme, who would have imagined.  If you are driving a new truck with this new SCR technology, sound off here and let us know how you are liking your new engine.


P.S. Send us an email and ask us how you can get DEF delivered to you.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid IBC Pumps Houston, Texas (video)

Hi folks, first of all thank you for all the emails with great questions. PIUSI has been offering DEF pumps in Europe since approximately 2004, and currently over 30,000 Diesel Exhaust Fluid pumps in service; I believe that says a lot.


Because of the great amount of questions and great response, we have put together a fun short video highlighting this DEF IBC Pump dispenser.  I personally like it because it is portable, AC power, you can easily move it to the next IBC tote, and it has a great proven record.

Anyway, enjoy the short video and leave us your comments; we always love to hear back from you.

By the way, we do plan on logging the service hours of the units already in service here in Houston.  If you are out of town, no worries; we can arrange shipping easily.

Visit our main page for Diesel Exhaust Fluid distribution and packaging here in Houston Texas.


Happy Friday everyone!


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TOTES and IBC pump (DEF) for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Houston Texas

Exciting times are here with Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Houston, finally starting to catch on with great questions coming in; the PIUSI line of dispensers is a beautiful product line and we are excited to bring to you.

The earlier questions came up about the SUZZARA BLUE PRO, a TOTE dispenser specifically geared to Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  what do we have for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) IBC pump? what is it? and   what’s in the package? and can I have it today?—->  Let’s find out.











The team in charge of putting this together, had one task.  To create and design something easily moved from and IBC tote to another one.  The set up consists of a self priming membrane pump without dinamic seals that could reduce the reliability of the pump.

The dispensing is displayed by a reliable meter and made make easier by the automatic nozzle, a 20ft suction hose is included.

DEF transfer pumps







The package is available here in Houston with immediate local availability, shipping out of state, Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

So what is in the package?—->

Inside the package you will get the following pieces:

1) A stainless steel base with nozzle holder

2) Heavy duty pump

3) Meter- PIUSI K24

4) Automatic stainless steel dispensing nozzle

5) Delivery hose- 20ft.

6) Suction hose- 4ft

7) Hose tails and clamps

8) Transliquid Team for local onsite assistance

9) Fee initial set up and training

10) 2 year warranty on pump

DEF Transfer Pump









This little pump is extremely robust, and will be very reliable.  The tehnical spec’s follow:

As previously mentioned, The careful analysis of the market and the experience of handling aggressive fluid, such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid, has lead PIUSI to develop a new type of membrane pump equipped with an electric motor and without any dinamic seals.  This approach allows a reliable industrial pump together with a self priming capable pump.

CODE: F00201A10


VOLT: 110

AC: 2900 rpm


WATT: 370

NOZZLE: Automatic



WEIGHT: 18 lbs

Call us or email us info@transliquidtechnologies.com with further questions.

The Transliquid Team

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Houston – will older engines need to be retrofitted?

For now, all we know is that only EPA 2010 commercial and consumer vehicles equipped with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology will use Diesel Exhaust Fluid.   Diesel Exhaust Fluid, also called DEF, is a solution made up of purified water and 32.5 percent automotive-grade urea that is used as a carrying agent for the ammonia needed to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from vehicles into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Diesel Exhaust Fluid is monitored for quality and certified by the American Petroleum Institute, ensuring that Diesel Exhaust Fluid is a stable, non-toxic, odorless and completely safe solution. The urea used for Diesel Exhaust Fluid is automotive-grade. Urea in additional forms is widely distributed for many other industrial and agricultural needs, including emissions control at public utilities and power plants.

Source: Here

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Below is a great diagram for Diesel Exhaust Fluid production and Supply process.- Image from Terra Industries.







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