Diesel Exhaust Fluid @ 30,000 ft.- Quick view at DEF dispensers

Good morning folks, perhaps good evening or afternoon.  As I write this, I find myself at 30,000 ft flying to a few business meetings.  I will admit to you that I am your typical flyer; lumbar pillow support, earphones, and of course good tunes are always available at arm’s reach. Yes, I am geared up and blogging high above; the perfect setting in my opinion.

plane-photoThe view isn’t so bad. Don’t you agree?


I was asked recently if we were anything conventional; I squirmed at the comment.  I believe that we are very unconventional and we love to keep it that way.  Our approach to business is simple: Deliver on what you promise and do it in a big way.  Be a leader not a follower, and share as much as you can for the benefit of others.

We have been asked a numer of times about dispensing pumps for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, and we have done our share number of clinics for customers educating them on the proper techniques to handle and dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid, all with great results.

Here in Houston, our Diesel Exhaust Fluid program is about to take a big leap forward.  The main reason why it has been growing is because of the trust that we have gained.  In addition, we have been fortunate enough to have met key individuals who are true masters of their craft.  We all often talk about our customers and the projects that we push out into the market place, but seldom do we need take the time to say thank you to our vendors and suppliers.

Next is a short list of folks that either we have done business with or have met and talked to them about DEF dispensing equipment choices.  All worthy of their own unique produts available today to dispense Diesel Exhaust Fluid.



Our boys at PIUSI have been very successful in Europe; now in the US with a good line of dispensers for drums and IBC Totes.  The Suzzara Blue Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser pump package has been well accepted and currently helping our customers here in Houston Texas.  This is one of the most economical and robust packages available in the market today; with a meter, auto nozzle, hose, pump, and more… it is a great value. So if you need more information on availability and pricing; shoot us an email.

You can follow them on Twitter here.

Here is a link to a short video for the Suzzara Blue PIUSI DEF dispenser. Click here.








Our good friend Donald Smith at Balcrank Corporation has been developing great products designed for automotive quick lube facilities, dealerships, fleet, and commercial vehicle applications for many years now.  Now with a new line of Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispensing pumps and systems, Balcrank looks promising.

We love their indoor / outdoor fleet dispensers.























A big thanks to Stephen Cox for all the information and his great product line up. If you are looking for Mini- Bulk solutions for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, Stephen is your man. KleerBue’s  available options include a 400 or 1000 gallon capacity, the insulated tank with a R-16 value is constructed of a triple-wall UV protected polyethylene tank and shell that also provides for secondary containment.

Last, their portable Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk delivery skid systems are superb.

















Last, but not least.  Our good Matt Jenkins with Spatco.  They have been an industry leader since 1935, providing a complete line of equipment and services for storing, pumping, mixing, and metering petroleum and industrial liquids.



So, there you have it.  Out top picks for Diesel Exhaust Fluid dispenser pumps and systems for commercial, fleet, and individual use.

We have said this before and we keep saying it; this blog is for you, our valued customer, our awesome blog subscribers (you rock), industry friends, and for the thousands of people that visit us week after week.

Do you need us on site for training?  No problem, give us a call and we will come over to discuss your needs and educate your sales staff on handling, dispensing, and storing diesel exhaust fluid.

Last, we are 100% percent geared towards servicing you; not just providing you with choices, equipment, or diesel exhaust fluid. Our promise to you is that you will get a “live” person to help you troubleshoot, discuss needs, jointly work on projects, and deliver Diesel Exhaust Fluid upon request. That is our promise to you.

As always, we welcome comments and look forward to reading and answering them.

Stay tuned for more mini series on Meters for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, refill systems, and much more.

Thank you for reading our Blog.

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