12V DC- Power Transfer Pumps- more than meets “your” eye

We are about to wrap up the ongoing series on transfer pump equipment and what a better way to do it then with a dosage of DC Power Transfer Pumps. More often than usual we get ask ” I have a project located on remote areas where I need to service my customers, what options do I have?”

We have been heavily involved in the design of several above ground storage tanks (UL 142, UL 2085) where our imagination goes wild and the fun begins.  “Thinketh and it shall become”.

So let’s begin this short post.  When you are considering DC Power pumps, there are two critical points that you need to think about when selecting the right transfer pump for your needs:

1. Flow rate

2. Continuous Duty Cycle

Yes, in that order…..

Let’s start with Flow rates- most of the commonly found (ordinary) DC Pumps will give you 15-20 GPM at best.

Here are a list of good pumps that meet that flow rate, let me be very clear; we are not judging any one of these on any merits.  We are simply showcasing a few pumps in this category which seems to be the majority of DC transfer pumps.

One of our favorites is the PIUSI BOX- Fuel_transfer_pump_kits-resized-600

Portable and compact

12v and 24V availability



Fill Rite also makes a good DC pump in this category.

13 GPM





But again, we are left wanting a little more, ooomp !

What about if you need “explosion proof”?

Those are real world questions and we are ready to show you those options.

So, on flow rates: How does either a 30GPM or 40 GPM sound in a 12v DC Power configuration?


Here are the players:




OPTION 1– Blade 1101- 12 Volt 1″ DC Pump, producing 30 GPM (explosion proof).





OPTION 2– Blade 1102- 12 Volt 1-1/4″  DC Pump. We have this one producing 40 GPM. (explosion proof)


Now, this is where you need to know about continuous duty cycle.

What is Continuous duty cycle? –> how long a motor can keep operating before it needs a rest, or what percentage of the time it’s designed to be in use. For instance, a machine gun might only be able to fire continuously for 100 rounds before it needs to be allowed to cool.

So if you are needing the faster flow rates, you need to be asking your supplier about “continuous duty cycle”.

As an example, our blade 1102 has a great flow rate of 40 GPM but you need to allow the motor to rest after 30 minutes.  This becomes a 12V DC Power Transfer pump with a duty cycle of 30 minutes.

On the other hand, our blade 1101 has a good flow rate of 30 GPM, a little less than the 1102, but there is no need to shut it off. .  So, now this becomes a 12V DC Power Transfer Pump with a continuous duty cycle.

There is no perfect mix, there is no perfect set up… know what to ask for and know what to expect from your equipment supplier.


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