DEF transfer pumps/dispensers for IBC Totes – Finally, a fresh face

Ok so we are all familair with who the usual suspects are; manufacturers for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer pumps for IBC totes.  We get this question often, who are the players in the DEF market for dispensing equipment?  In this blog post, we will be introducing a new player with a good solid outlook on our shores.

So, if you are not familiar with def pumps and equipment; specifically for DEF IBC transfer; let’s do a recap of what you are expected to find in the market place.

Who’s who? And, have you come across or tried any of these?


Well, we have; and I can tell you that while some of them have been disappointing; others have worked ok.  If you are a distributor, you know how difficult it has been dealing with the lack of understanding of what a true distributorship channel really should mean to some of these guys.

From the Wiki– Product distribution is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. An organization or set of organizations (go-between) involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user.  

Frustrating is being nice, stupid is getting closer; but enough with the games and time to restart the clock.

If you are looking for DEF transfer pumps / dispensers for IBC Totes, here is a quick list of the the usual suspects.  We are not going to rate them, you are!  So, sound off your comments here.

  • Flowserve
  • Benecor
  • Tuthill
  • Flux
  • Piusi
  • BB Pumps and Parts
  • Balcrank


So, now we look ahead to a new player in the US.  A new intersting hybrid technology that promises a lot for your DEF dispensing needs.
Hybrid Technology takes this set up to a new level, it really accomplishes two main things in our opinion:
1. Flow rate increases
2. It takes all gaskets and seals out of the question.
The system is simple, as the pump starts up; its blades are actually extended (sort of) creating a rotary vane pump set up.   As the blades continue to spin and the pump begins to self prime; the blades contract or hide out of the way, giving way to its centrifugal pump transformation.  All this happens seamless; as you will see in the video below.
We welcome any questions and comments, enjoy the video!
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High Flow fuel transfer pumps – can we see options please?

We wanted to share a case with you, our readers, where the need for options became such an intersting project that was developed for a new transloading facility.  In today’s business world, flexibility and portability are very important to all of us. I know for me they are, from our portable hotspots to the equipment we cannot do without, serving many different purposes.

So, this new company was set to make a splash with a great idea of high volume portable pumps for the transloading of fuels.  But the one thing that kept on resonnating during our many conversations was, please give me otions that work out of the box.  So, we thought why not share the options that were discussed with you, our readers.

So we begin by hightling a few of them, our bench mark is trasfer pumps greater than 100 GPM, and with many configurations such as diesel powered transfer pumps, gasoline powered transfer pumps, or AC powered pumps.

Stay with me here because I may get a bit geeky (technical) and the options are more than a mouthful.

Ok here we go:

1) If you are looking to transfer diesel, Biodiesel, or Ethanol.  Here is a great option that will get you 100 gpm with a fuel diesel or gasoline powered motor.



The safest way to approach any hazardous pumping operation is to use a pump that is built to handle the job. Gorman-Rupp offers Shield-A-SparkTM pumps to transfer and deliver flammable liquids with peace of mind.



Highlights and safety: self-priming centrifugal pumps / spark and splash shielded engine / muffler and fuel fill cap / spark plugs / ignition wire/ sealed ignition / approved spark-arrestor muffler/ non-combustible air filter and long- life valves. Models are available with gasoline or diesel engines.



2) Now, if you want higher flow rate.  We step up to the 380 GPM model range.

152286 AMT Catalog 2007.qxd (Page 1)

Designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solids handling capability. Pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum or cast iron with replaceable ductile iron impellers and steel or cast iron wearplates. Simple front cleanout design permits easy removal of trash and debris without disconnecting hoses. Pumps are available with Honda or Kohler gasoline engines or Lombardini, John Deere or Deutz diesel engines. All are furnished with suction strainers and 90 degree discharge elbows.



4”x4” NPT, 13 HP Gas Powered Honda Engine, Aluminum Body, Viton Seals, and Roll Cage (Frame).  This model is also available with a Diesel Powered Engine.


3) No here comes big Bertha, looking to achieve up to 1000 GPM?  We step up to our 6″ pump range.

Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum Construction

Viton®*/Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals

Self-priming up to 25 ft.

Engine Options: Honda or Kohler Gasoline   Engine; Lombardini, Deutz or John Deere   Diesel Engine.

Available in 13 – 57 HP Engine

Two (2) Wheel Truck Assembly or Highway Trailer Standard on Some Models (D.O.T. Approved Trailer – Upon Request)


Now, its’ worth mentioning that “explossion proof” really has absolutely nothing to do with the pump itself but rather with the motor. (diesel, gasoline powered)

So the option for having an explossion proof motor or not is certainly an option to you.  However, I must say that we will not sell any pumps that are not explossion proof for the handling of Ethanol.

4) Now to add one more option, we can look at an AC powered high flow transfer pump.  For that you will need to have a generator capable of 380 v three phase to run this bad boy.  I won’t get too much into this one since most of the pumps being requested are diesel or gasoline powered; but the option is there for you.


So that is the line up for high flow transfer pumps.  These can be used for the transloading of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, and ethanol in this particular case.

Click me Every inquiry is unique and requires a good dialogue and understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.  So, feel free to give us a ring at 281-377-5845 or email us at, a member of our staff will get back with you fast.

From our high volume transfer pumps, to custody transfer flow meters, to hoses and reels; count on us to create a robust and economical package to get you back on track.



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