DEF transfer pumps/dispensers for IBC Totes – Finally, a fresh face

Ok so we are all familair with who the usual suspects are; manufacturers for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer pumps for IBC totes.  We get this question often, who are the players in the DEF market for dispensing equipment?  In this blog post, we will be introducing a new player with a good solid outlook on our shores.

So, if you are not familiar with def pumps and equipment; specifically for DEF IBC transfer; let’s do a recap of what you are expected to find in the market place.

Who’s who? And, have you come across or tried any of these?


Well, we have; and I can tell you that while some of them have been disappointing; others have worked ok.  If you are a distributor, you know how difficult it has been dealing with the lack of understanding of what a true distributorship channel really should mean to some of these guys.

From the Wiki– Product distribution is one of the four elements of the marketing mix. An organization or set of organizations (go-between) involved in the process of making a product or service available for use or consumption by a consumer or business user.  

Frustrating is being nice, stupid is getting closer; but enough with the games and time to restart the clock.

If you are looking for DEF transfer pumps / dispensers for IBC Totes, here is a quick list of the the usual suspects.  We are not going to rate them, you are!  So, sound off your comments here.

  • Flowserve
  • Benecor
  • Tuthill
  • Flux
  • Piusi
  • BB Pumps and Parts
  • Balcrank


So, now we look ahead to a new player in the US.  A new intersting hybrid technology that promises a lot for your DEF dispensing needs.
Hybrid Technology takes this set up to a new level, it really accomplishes two main things in our opinion:
1. Flow rate increases
2. It takes all gaskets and seals out of the question.
The system is simple, as the pump starts up; its blades are actually extended (sort of) creating a rotary vane pump set up.   As the blades continue to spin and the pump begins to self prime; the blades contract or hide out of the way, giving way to its centrifugal pump transformation.  All this happens seamless; as you will see in the video below.
We welcome any questions and comments, enjoy the video!
 Supporting our distributors.

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DEF Bulk Transfer Skid Systems for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Good morning folks, it is finally starting to feel like fall here in the space city (Houston Texas).  These triple digits we experienced during the long summer months were brutal, along with the long drought we have endured. But moving along; it is great to be part of our great Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry, with more and more exciting news this week as the DEF conference takes part in Atlanta.


On that note, you know how hard we have been working to bring you more choices for DEF equipment such as the previous DEF dolly transfer systems, see previous blog entry by clicking here.  We are happy to bring you our new line of heavy duty skids for all your DEF needs.  Itntroducing the DEF Pro-6000 T; DEF transfer skid.

Effective and efficient Diesel Exhaust Fluid Bulk Transfer skid systems.

The DEF Pro-Bulk DEF transfer skid mounted dispensing system, making it easy to customize for transport and storage. The product features a 2-inch pump and a 220-volt motor that can be connected to a standard 30-ampere switch. The motor is designed for increased flow rate and efficient dispensing for inter-bulk, inter-tote, or bulk to tote. A cam lock on both intake and outlet nozzles ensures compatibility with static or mobile tanks although it is optimized for use in the warehouse or storage yard. The MicroMatic intake nozzle is a 2-inch nozzle that is connected to the high flow filtration unit through a Banjo 2-inch reinforced polypropylene full flow meter with digital volume display.

The stainless steel filtration tower from Shelco is able to process 80 gallons per minute. The 2-inch hosing and meter mean that the unit is able to handle higher flow rates especially required in bulk to bulk dispensing. The system uses 25 to 50 feet of 2 hosing also equipped with a cam lock which can fit a drum nozzle and is capable of delivering greater efficiency for every gallon dispensed.

The Pro-Bulk DEF transfer skid is one of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk transfer skid systems that we customize to run on its own power with the installation of an inverter power pack, dispensing meter and ticket printer in a two-tier configuration. In addition, the customization pack includes full plated DEF bulk transfer skids complete with a sprayed-on polyurethane coating to protect the metal against chemical corrosion and rust. The MicroMatic, hosing and filtration configuration can be positioned according to the nature of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk transfer skid system installation. Different configurations may be required for static installations such as a storage yard or mobile installations such as supply tanker on a truck or any other suitable vehicle.


At Transliquid Technologies, we are committed to designing and delivering excellence with our Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment and DEF bulk transfer skids while contributing actively to a greener, better world. We pride ourselves on our high quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment and our flexibility to customize the ProBulk DEF bulk transfer skids to meet the needs of our distributors with effective, efficient DEF dispensing.


  A quick shout out to all new subscribers, we love having you plugged in and we appreciate your feed back on this blog platform.  Hope some of you are in Atlanta this week; enjoy the DEF conference.

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Lube transfer pump skid systems- Meet our new PROLUBE 4000

Hey guys-  things have been heating up here with the recent launch of our Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer dolly systems (see last entry here). You first saw the system here with us on the blog, how it operated, and the robustness that was built into these new Diesel Exhaust Fluid transfer packages.  This spun off a different type of conversations here on the blog and from our twitter friends, all centered around the control and transfer of lubricants.

Consequenrly, this gave birth to a new platform for us; a new approach at helping you achieve greater efficiencies. If you are delivering different types of lubricants; say 15w40 HD , Motor Oil 5w30, ISO 68 AW Hydraulic Oils, ATF Dexron III / Mercon; and your number one job is to create efficiencies while staying away from product contanimation; you may want to stay around to watch rhe video.

Prolube 4000


The spark truly came about when we were tasked with the concept of creating a portable oil transfer system on a skid.  A multi transfer pump set up for gear oils, ATF, Hydraulics, etc.. So now on or hands we had a concept for some sort of movil / portable skid to transfer fluids, lubricants in our case.

Enjoy the video…





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High Flow fuel transfer pumps – can we see options please?

We wanted to share a case with you, our readers, where the need for options became such an intersting project that was developed for a new transloading facility.  In today’s business world, flexibility and portability are very important to all of us. I know for me they are, from our portable hotspots to the equipment we cannot do without, serving many different purposes.

So, this new company was set to make a splash with a great idea of high volume portable pumps for the transloading of fuels.  But the one thing that kept on resonnating during our many conversations was, please give me otions that work out of the box.  So, we thought why not share the options that were discussed with you, our readers.

So we begin by hightling a few of them, our bench mark is trasfer pumps greater than 100 GPM, and with many configurations such as diesel powered transfer pumps, gasoline powered transfer pumps, or AC powered pumps.

Stay with me here because I may get a bit geeky (technical) and the options are more than a mouthful.

Ok here we go:

1) If you are looking to transfer diesel, Biodiesel, or Ethanol.  Here is a great option that will get you 100 gpm with a fuel diesel or gasoline powered motor.



The safest way to approach any hazardous pumping operation is to use a pump that is built to handle the job. Gorman-Rupp offers Shield-A-SparkTM pumps to transfer and deliver flammable liquids with peace of mind.



Highlights and safety: self-priming centrifugal pumps / spark and splash shielded engine / muffler and fuel fill cap / spark plugs / ignition wire/ sealed ignition / approved spark-arrestor muffler/ non-combustible air filter and long- life valves. Models are available with gasoline or diesel engines.



2) Now, if you want higher flow rate.  We step up to the 380 GPM model range.

152286 AMT Catalog 2007.qxd (Page 1)

Designed for applications which require high flow efficiency and solids handling capability. Pumps are constructed of heavy duty sand cast aluminum or cast iron with replaceable ductile iron impellers and steel or cast iron wearplates. Simple front cleanout design permits easy removal of trash and debris without disconnecting hoses. Pumps are available with Honda or Kohler gasoline engines or Lombardini, John Deere or Deutz diesel engines. All are furnished with suction strainers and 90 degree discharge elbows.



4”x4” NPT, 13 HP Gas Powered Honda Engine, Aluminum Body, Viton Seals, and Roll Cage (Frame).  This model is also available with a Diesel Powered Engine.


3) No here comes big Bertha, looking to achieve up to 1000 GPM?  We step up to our 6″ pump range.

Cast Iron or Cast Aluminum Construction

Viton®*/Silicon Carbide Mechanical Seals

Self-priming up to 25 ft.

Engine Options: Honda or Kohler Gasoline   Engine; Lombardini, Deutz or John Deere   Diesel Engine.

Available in 13 – 57 HP Engine

Two (2) Wheel Truck Assembly or Highway Trailer Standard on Some Models (D.O.T. Approved Trailer – Upon Request)


Now, its’ worth mentioning that “explossion proof” really has absolutely nothing to do with the pump itself but rather with the motor. (diesel, gasoline powered)

So the option for having an explossion proof motor or not is certainly an option to you.  However, I must say that we will not sell any pumps that are not explossion proof for the handling of Ethanol.

4) Now to add one more option, we can look at an AC powered high flow transfer pump.  For that you will need to have a generator capable of 380 v three phase to run this bad boy.  I won’t get too much into this one since most of the pumps being requested are diesel or gasoline powered; but the option is there for you.


So that is the line up for high flow transfer pumps.  These can be used for the transloading of diesel, gasoline, biodiesel, and ethanol in this particular case.

Click me Every inquiry is unique and requires a good dialogue and understanding of what you are trying to accomplish.  So, feel free to give us a ring at 281-377-5845 or email us at, a member of our staff will get back with you fast.

From our high volume transfer pumps, to custody transfer flow meters, to hoses and reels; count on us to create a robust and economical package to get you back on track.



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Diesel Exhaust Fluid Bulk Transfer skids – Part II

Hi guys-

We are glad to be back on the blog scene; much of the time has been spent on R&D for our new and upcoming array of diesel exhaust fluid equipment transfer product lines.  I do have to say that we appreciate the great feed back that you have provided; we have gone back and added more options that you have requested.  So this is for you, if you are wanting to refill totes on location, or use this HD Dolly system in your warehouse for Bulk DEF; there are several combinations now available, all thanks to you.

Anthony and the rest of our team, has taken the time to visit each one of you to discuss the product development of these new diesel exhaust fluid bulk transfer skids and we are happy to report that they have been very much welcomed and have been performing beautifully.

So, as no surprise, we shot a little video. Some of the questions that you posted centered around lead times, durability, and the big one; weights and measures with a ticket printer.

So if you are dealing with Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF, and have a delivery truck needing a solution with custody transfer meter; this one is for you.

If you are needing high volume DEF pump for the bulk transfer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid, this one is for you.

If you are looking for a DEF bulk transfer skid that is light yet robust, this one is for you.

We felt there was a gap in the market for something like this, and we decided to fill it.

A lot of you were asking how to refill DEF totes on location, meet our new package that will help you in tote to tote, bulk to tote, or bulk dispensing for all your Diesel Exhaust Fluid needs.

NOTE: it is simple to add a 2″ hose on the suction side with a female camlock fittings, this will increase flow rates significantly.

Enjoy and as always; please send us your comments to  We are always open for a good dialogue, so ring us at 281-377-5845; we’ll be happy to chat with you.

Click me



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Psss, you there? The new Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transfer Skid is here

Hi folks, hope you all are enjoying the first of the summer months.  First, let me shout out to all our existing subscribers and a welcome to all you new subscribers; thank you for following this blog.

Well, there are a whole lot of new things on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid front; from price increases being announced just around to corner, to new bulk DEF transfer equipment which we are about to show case here.

We promised that we were redirecting the blog back to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF); so here we are with a few interesting posts coming your way in the next few days and we do promise to stay on topic 🙂

So, again; this is not nothing short of new; but more and more we are all seeing the trend to bulk DEF.  From my numerous conversations with industry colleagues; we are seeing a very strong direction into bulk DEF.  So the questions are starting pour in:  “What available DEF equipment is out there for bulk transfer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid”?

We are happy to showcase the first of two equipment pieces now available to you; for bulk DEF transfer.

Now, the emphasis was on three core principles:

DEF Dolly
DEF Dolly
1. Consistency
2. Affordability
3. Quality

The system is built around the closed loop system, the Micro Matic DEF transfer skid is built to give you piece of mind knowing that not only is the system built from quality components, but the closed loop system ensures purity of your DEF solution.

Next, we wanted to give you plenty of flexibility, we listened to your needs; and now available to you is a system that you can easily move around in your warehouse or take with you to make deliveries.

Light, robust, and flexible.  Meet the DEF Dolly System for the bulk transfer of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

The DEF Dolly System is designed for bulk to tote, tote to tote, or bulk dispensing.

Click me


  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • 50ft electrical cord reel
  • On/Off Switch
  • Closed Loop Micro-Matic
  • 25 GPM flow rates
  • Flow meter
  • Mounted on a 1000lb capacity hand truck for ultimate mobility.
As always, if you need to reach us; you can call us direct at 281-377-5845 or email us at

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12V DC- Power Transfer Pumps- more than meets “your” eye

We are about to wrap up the ongoing series on transfer pump equipment and what a better way to do it then with a dosage of DC Power Transfer Pumps. More often than usual we get ask ” I have a project located on remote areas where I need to service my customers, what options do I have?”

We have been heavily involved in the design of several above ground storage tanks (UL 142, UL 2085) where our imagination goes wild and the fun begins.  “Thinketh and it shall become”.

So let’s begin this short post.  When you are considering DC Power pumps, there are two critical points that you need to think about when selecting the right transfer pump for your needs:

1. Flow rate

2. Continuous Duty Cycle

Yes, in that order…..

Let’s start with Flow rates- most of the commonly found (ordinary) DC Pumps will give you 15-20 GPM at best.

Here are a list of good pumps that meet that flow rate, let me be very clear; we are not judging any one of these on any merits.  We are simply showcasing a few pumps in this category which seems to be the majority of DC transfer pumps.

One of our favorites is the PIUSI BOX- Fuel_transfer_pump_kits-resized-600

Portable and compact

12v and 24V availability



Fill Rite also makes a good DC pump in this category.

13 GPM





But again, we are left wanting a little more, ooomp !

What about if you need “explosion proof”?

Those are real world questions and we are ready to show you those options.

So, on flow rates: How does either a 30GPM or 40 GPM sound in a 12v DC Power configuration?


Here are the players:




OPTION 1– Blade 1101- 12 Volt 1″ DC Pump, producing 30 GPM (explosion proof).





OPTION 2– Blade 1102- 12 Volt 1-1/4″  DC Pump. We have this one producing 40 GPM. (explosion proof)


Now, this is where you need to know about continuous duty cycle.

What is Continuous duty cycle? –> how long a motor can keep operating before it needs a rest, or what percentage of the time it’s designed to be in use. For instance, a machine gun might only be able to fire continuously for 100 rounds before it needs to be allowed to cool.

So if you are needing the faster flow rates, you need to be asking your supplier about “continuous duty cycle”.

As an example, our blade 1102 has a great flow rate of 40 GPM but you need to allow the motor to rest after 30 minutes.  This becomes a 12V DC Power Transfer pump with a duty cycle of 30 minutes.

On the other hand, our blade 1101 has a good flow rate of 30 GPM, a little less than the 1102, but there is no need to shut it off. .  So, now this becomes a 12V DC Power Transfer Pump with a continuous duty cycle.

There is no perfect mix, there is no perfect set up… know what to ask for and know what to expect from your equipment supplier.


As always, keep sending in your questions to  if you are a chatter; like we are, call us at 281-377-5845 we are always in the mood to talk.

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The Av gas and Jet A fuel transfer pump guide package – Part II

Happy Monday folks!  On our previous post we discussed the DC portable transfer pump for Aviation (Jet A and avgas).  This is part II of this mini series concentrating on the following:

  • AC power transfer pumps  -explosion proof-
  • Filtration systems
  • Filtering your Aviation fuel if sitting for longer periods.

So let’s get started:

Question: I need a Jet A pump to fill up our Helicopters giving us 40-50 GPM, what options do I have?

The set up is a remote area where a 1000 gallon UL 2085 will be the main work horse to store the Jet A fuel.


The pump is an AC Power Blade Master series 1562 explosion proof transfer pump; this versatile pump can handle Jet A, avgas, JP5, JP8 Aviation fuel.  The highlights are as follows:

  • Explosion Proof Junction Box
  • 1.5 HP Explosion Proof UL Listed
  • Engineered to Operate Dry and/or Self Priming
  • Transfer pump for Aviation fuels at 45 GPM




Download the specification sheet now, click here.





We always recommend a good filter and Velcon is what we have always installed for Aviation. These filter housings are versatile housings designed for use with several different high performance Aquacon® and other filter cartridges.

Aquacon® cartridges filter out water by chemically locking it into layers of super-absorbent media. Water capacity is as much as 11/2 quarts, depending on the specific vessel and cartridge. These cartridges also effectively filter out dirt, rust and other particulates.





1681-R17 Rev 05_06.indd


Concerned about removing water and dirt from Jet A fuel and avgas? These filter elements have a unique high-capacity inner filter media which removes all free and emulsified water from hydrocarbon fuels down to less than 5 ppm in the effluent. Absorbed water is chemically locked into this media.

When do I know it is time to change the cartridge? – When a cartridge reaches its water holding capacity, its accordion pleats swell and cause an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridge.


Question: What happens if my Jet A fuel will sit for months, how do I filter it?

The beauty about this set up is that the same pump that is being use to push product out to the aircraft (Blade master 1562) can be set up to come on automatically and filter the fuel inside your tank.

How do we do that? During installation, we will adapt a return line back into the tank, we will also fit the pump set up with an automatic timer so that the pump will come on at your specified time interval.

Looking for more information on UL 2085 or F921 storage tanks for Jet A or avgas, go to our tank section by clicking here.

If you have any further questions on how this fully automated set up will work; please do not hesitate to contact us . . . .or call us at +1-281-377-5845


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How long can I store Jet A fuel in a UL 2085 storage tank?

Good morning friends and happy Monday. Since we are on a string of blog posts about Jet A fuel and its handling and storage; we wanted to squeeze this entry about the longevity of Jet A fuel in either a UL 2085, F921 tanks.

jet_a_fuel_tanksMost of you are either upgrading your current set up, expanding your above ground storage tanks, or simply just getting started.  Recently the question came up regarding the long term storage of Jet A fuel; so we dug around a bit; talked to a few fuel providers and were able to get some answers.  As we know, Jet A fuel is is a kerosene Type of fuel with a relatively high flash point (100F) with an autoignition temperature of (410F), all this translates into the fuel being safer to handle than avgas.


So, how long can you store Jet A fuel in standard above ground storage tanks?

The question centered around a 2-3 year target period; we found a great blog entry Ben Visser who is a fuel and Lubes expert and here is where we start:

“The main concern with Jet A is the water phase. In all large storage tanks, water is present or will form due to condensation. In large flat-bottom storage tanks, the water drain is designed to be the lowest point in the tank. However, after a short time the bottom settles and the water drain no longer drains all the water from the tank.

Two things happen in the water phase. First, any surface active ingredients in the fuel will migrate to the water. These surfactants are things like fuel injector detergents, pipeline additives, etc. As they acuminate, they can get to a high enough concentration that they will disarm the filter separator, which can allow a slug of water through the system and into an aircraft.

The other big problem with the water in Jet A is that when it sits,jet_a_picture small microbes or little bugs start to grow and multiply very quickly. These bugs can then be pumped with the fuel into the tanks of an aircraft. If they are not removed quickly, they multiply very rapidly and can literally start to eat the tank for lunch. If they go unchecked, in a very short time the tank will be ruined and need replacement. This is a very expensive procedure for most aircraft.” —> You are welcomed to read the rest of the article here.

So, as you can see, there is a bit of homework that needs to be done if you are planning on storing Jet A fuel for a long time.  What we are doing here is simply raising a flag so that you can be aware of these possible challenges before diving into; and if you need to talk to anyone one of us here at Transliquid; please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be more than happy to walk you through the process. Click the link to our main contact us page or call us direct at +281-377-5845

Last, Ben also discussed a product called ‘Prist”, apparently this is an additive to Jet A fuel; check it out and you decide. Follow this link .

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The AV gas and Jet A fuel DC transfer pump guide – Part I

We have been wanting to start this series for a while now; and I believe we are at a good point where we can highlight several key points that you need to consider when looking at Aviation fuel transfer pumps. Often, we get the questions where a need to set up multiple sites with above ground storage tanks, such as our standard set up for Jet A including the workhorse UL 2085 and the F921, both Double Wall for Aviation fuel, with a very unique portable pump package.

The need to have not only portable systems, but also cost effective and durable AV gas and Jet A transfer pumps; is now available in a compact package carrying a big punch.

What we would like to do is start with the standard set up, and explain each component and show you how the package comes together beautifully.

The question is “I need an aviation fuel transfer pump that can draw power from a battery” –> Now, the underlining reason is simple; portability, right?  if you are wanting to stay away from the traditional AC Power transfer pumps for either Jet A or AV gas; then this is the portable set up:









Let’s meet this little guy, and don’t let its size fool you because the spec’s make it a very desirable set up:

Model: AV1003IFDC

 1″ NPT, 12 VDC 1 HP Continuous Duty – Explosion-Proof26 GPM at 20 PSI, 20′ of 10 Gage Power Cord, Velcon VF-61 Filter Canister, and 3/4″ Powder- coated Tube Frame to Accommodate Velcon filter canister. This set up has been very successful outside the US where DC power is the only available choice.

The package continuos with the recommended differential pressure gauge:







What does this do? –> When the needle is in the green zone of the gauge during normal flow, the differential pressure is less than 15 psid across the installed element, and the element does not need to be changed out.

When the needle is in the red zone, the differential pressure is more than 15 psid and the element should be changed out. Simple !

Last, the trusted source for Aviation filters, Velcon.


Velcon aviation fuel filter element

Free and emulsified water removal to less than 5 ppm / 1/2 micrometer particle removal / Provides protection against “slugs” of water / Pressure increases signals need for cartridge change / use with existing filter housing.





So, that is it; options include an Aviation flow meter, wireless Av gas or Jet A tank telemetry/monitors… You are ready to go!!  This set up is good for Jet A fuel, AV gas, JP8, and JP5.

Refueling your aircraft has never been so easy; giving you flexibility, portability, and continuos duty cycle.

Want to see it in action? Click our Transliquid TV icon below. 




Questions?  Please contact us here or call us at 281-377-5845 and a member of of our team will be more than happy to discuss your needs.

You can find us hanging out at Twitter Transliquid twitter, answering questions, sharing videos, and passing out all things DEF.

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