2017 DEF Forecast (part III)- DEF equipment solutions

This segment of the blog series 2017 DEF Forecast, will focus on DEF equipment and other emission-reducing solutions. Along with the growth of DEF comes the need for DEF equipment. Dispensing and storage equipment for DEF are very important for this market, especially since it has such strict purity requirements. Manufacturers and distributors had to invest in a whole new line of equipment in order to sell the product. Equipment for DEF is still evolving and new and improved products are coming out every year.

DEF Equipment Solutions

 In the beginning

The largest equipment manufacturers in Europe had plenty 0f experience with Diesel Exhaust Fluid and quickly started selling in the US. One of the first and key companies was Piusi, they have been offering DEF pumps for over 10 years and have sold thousands of units. Their product line for DEF equipment includes pumps for totes and drums, in both manual, AC and DC formats. Along with the pumps, they also offer nozzles, meter, and accessories for DEF.

Similar to Piusi, it’s German neighbor Tecalmit also distributed their German pumps to the U.S. Although with different technologies, they offered a similar line of products for DEF. In addition to DEF pumps they also offer storage and product handling solutions, such as the bulk dispensing systems for DEF.

GPI and BB pumps are two brands who were initially in the DEF equipment market, originally from the United States and Netherlands.  These manufacturers are no longer in the DEF market and focus on other types of pumps.

DEF Equipment Solutions - DEFMoto Pump
DEF Equipment Solutions- P.O.D.S

The Future of DEF Equipment Solutions

DEF equipment has changed and evolved drastically, with new products and better technology. The original products are still available but now there is a wider selection of products. The main change in DEF equipment is the need to service the growing industries which are using the product. An example of this change was back in 2009 when the demand for access to DEF in a retail settings grew. Although bottles of DEF were easily distributed by truck stops countrywide, a need for bulk retail stations became imminent. Thus, creating a market for bulk retail systems specifically for DEF.

As the off-road market grows, new needs arise for the proper storage and transfer of DEF in off-road locations. A great piece of equipment which is fairly new is the DEF P.O.D.S  (Portable Off-road Dispensing System). Equipped with an integrated tank and stainless steel D/C pump for keeping DEF at hand in remote areas.

Manual pumps or even D/C powered pumps can be inconvenient for the bulk transfer of product. The DEFMoto autonomous DEF transfer system is the latest for locations with no access to a power source. With a gasoline-powered engine that can pump up a true 50 GPM.

The Marine sector, as mentioned before is growing slowing in regards to DEF. Off shore use of DEF for different machinery, will need DEF equipment solutions. The conditions for transfer, storage and dispensing will be ever changing and evolving. The same goes for Industrial settings, Rail, and Agricultural markets. Here at Transliquid, we are constantly updating our equipment product lines to offer our customers the very best solutions to their needs. We custom build for those customers with a unique mix of conditions.

Emission Reducing Solutions- Whats new?

Emission reducing solutions have come a long way since goverment proposals have gone through to reduce emissions from heavy duty vehicles. Although we are very familiar with SCR systems, there is a newer company which created a different system to deliver ammonia to the SCR system. Their ASDS™ system works with a solid ammonia material (AdAmmine™), in conjunction with the SCR system. This system claims to work great in city driving heavy duty vehicles, such as city buses. The technology does not depend on ambient temperature to be fully functioning in emission reduction. So this solution would work great for heavy duty vehicles that operate in cities where temperatures drop below freezing.



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