Custom Bulk Transfer System

In our history of customization of bulk transfer systems for both the Diesel Exhaust Fluid Industry ( DEF. AUS32, ARLA, AdBlue) as well as for the Fuel  and Lube industry, we have experienced many different requests from all types of vendors.

Earlier last year we finished a very specialized project for Chevron; it consisted of a three lubricant Transfer skid system, to be used on board one of the world’s largest drilling platforms off the shores of South Africa.
Although they had a plan for the type of equipment that they needed, they could not find a company who could make a custom bulk transfer system for their needs. Our youtube TransliquidTV proved to be useful in their search for a company that could customize bulk transfer systems.
It was a very exciting project to work in, we look forward to doing more custom skids for large applications. 
Our approach always centers on each one of our customer’s specific needs. Our experience allows us to determine the best options available in the industry in order to fulfill each particular project. We listen and develop unique solutions that meet each client’s challenges. Delivering value, quality, and dependability for our North America, Mexico, and Latin America markets. 
In this particular project for Chevron, we incorporated their ideas with the highest quality equipment. The purpose of skid was :
  1. Avoid lifting and handling of the drums/IBC’s from the vessel upon delivery this was being done prior to the skid

  2. Use the skid to pump directly from the drums while in the vessel, into the Skid’s Storage tank at the Platform.

  3. The skid will then serve as a mobile refilling station, to service new lubricants & chemicals going into each machine on the platform.

  4. Transfer all Lubricants & Chemicals through a Stainless Steel closed loop system to avoid any spillage, & wasted product.

Once the project was meticulously designed, and approved, it took us 7 to 8 weeks to finalize this project. Working along with Chevron each step of the way with scheduled revisions of the build to assure we met all of their expectation.

If you are in need of a highly specialized customized piece of transfer equipment, just let us know… We are here for you!

Enjoy our video!
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