Earth Day 2015: Diesel Exhaust Fluid making a difference

Earth Day 2015
Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth day 2015! It has been 5 years since all diesel vehicles are required to come with systems to reduce particulate matter emissions and NOx emissions. Nearly all highway freight trucks, locomotives and commercial marine vessels are powered by diesel engines, making them a special target in the efforts to potentially reduce emissions and establish new fuel efficiency standards for commercial vehicles, the program has been put in place by the EPA and the National Highway Traffic Administration. Because we are part of the overall effort to create a cleaner environment for all, today is an extra special day for us Diesel Exhaust Fluid producers. We have come a long way in this new industry, which keeps growing every year. According to the DEF summit held last October by Integer, it is estimated that DEF consumption will reach 1 billion gallons in North America alone, by 2019. This means that every year, more and more vehicles will have the technologies to reduce emissions, leaving us with cleaner air to breath. So go out an celebrate mother earth, plant a tree, reduce, reuse and recycle all day long or simply learn more about the environment and how you can help to protect it!


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