4-step guide for keeping your DEF Dolly running great

I recalled a couple months ago, one of our customers came in with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid transfer Dolly that was not working. The Dolly was not broken, it just had not been maintained andDEF Dolly cared for properly.  It seems the customer was not using the machine correctly and or giving it the necessary maintenance; therefore it had started to malfunction.  It is important to take good care of any equipment that has various parts to it; a problem with one piece could make the whole system useless. If you follow this simple 4-part guide, keeping your Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dolly running smoothly will be stress free.Keep in mind the Dolly comes with a 1-year manufacturer warrantee.

Step 1: Maintenance of the pump parts.

Every three months rinse the pump with Deionized water. Deionized water is water that has had almost its entire mineral ions removed, producing high purity water; which is perfect for rinsing.Dolly pump

Step 2: Maintenance of the closed loop system.

The closed loop systems controls and manages purity throughout the supply chain to ensure the product does not get compromised. Because of this it is important to also rinse the closed loop system parts with Deionized water. 

Step 3: Maintenance of Exterior moving parts.

It is important to inspect all exterior moving parts every month or so, for any part that might be loose or damaged. If you are giving the Dolly a lot of use, some of its parts might have seen better days, checking for any broken or loose parts could save a headache in the future. Take a good look at your wheels; inflatable Dolly tires can get punctured. It might be better to go with solid tires as an upgrade if you will be using the Dolly in extreme terrain.  

Step 4: Hoses

Never attempt to disconnect hoses, doing so might cause damage to the sealants. It is recommended to roll hoses properly to prevent any accidental damage.

 If you only take away one piece of advice out of this blog, remember this; keep your Dolly clean and try not to hit it. Taking good care of it will make a difference it the life of Dolly parts.