New Dallas – Ft. Worth NOXGUARD DEF Blending site


NOXGUARDS’ new blending facility is now open and blending. We are very happy to welcome Double C Oil to our group of NOXGUARD blenders. For those who do not already know, Transliquid Technologies has partnered up with different companies in North and South America, to form the group of NOXGUARD blenders. NOXGUARD currently has three blenders, with locations in Houston, Bogota and now Dallas – Ft. Worth area.   

Double C Oil is a third generation family owned business, operating since 1976. They have always been located in Carrollton, TX a suburb in the Dallas- Ft. Worth metro. They have been steadily growing over the past 38 years, and are looking toward the future in DEF production and sales.

The new blending facility will be housed in their 50,000 square foot facility, where they have the capability to supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid for bulk, tote, drum and jug orders. 

As always, NOXGUARDS’ new blending facility will be producing API Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid, providing each and every one of our customers with the highest quality DEF and customer service.


If you are a distributor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and would like to get a quote for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, please call Double C at (972) 247- 1855