Diesel Exhaust Fluid in cold temperatures

It may not be officially winter, but in most parts of the country the temperatures have been dropping enough to make us think twice before getting out of bed in the morning. While the colder temperatures bring in some changes in our activities and daily rutines, such as higher consumption of hot beverages and lower amount of time spend at pool parties (I would hope), there is no need to worry much about the Diesel Exhaust Fluid in your engine. 

It is important however to know the facts about DEF, and don’t worry soon enough you will be an expert, and there won’t even be a need to think twice about it.Keep on reading for the tips and facts.

DEF in snow


  • DEF will begin to freeze at 12°F (-11°C) 
  • Both the Urea and the Water will begin to freeze at the same rate
  • Unthawing will not cause harm to the product
  • SCR systems are designed to provide heating for the DEF tank & supply lines
  • If DEF freezes while the vehicle is shut down, start up and normal operation will not be inhibited
  • DEF should be stored inside if possible when temperatures go below 12°F
  • Heating wraps are available for larger containers such as Totes and Drums
  • The same goes for any supply lines, insulation is available as well as heating 
  • Insulated Tanks with heating are also available if needed
As fall ends and winter starts, fear no cold weather. Always remember to keep you DEF tanks full, and never add anything other than DEF to the DEF tank. 
Planning ahead is always smart, and investing in the correct equipment will save you time and money.
Fore more information on insulated tanks, mini bulk systems, or heating wraps let us know!