NOXGUARD Diesel Exhaust Fluid plant in Bogotá, Colombia NOW OPEN

We are happy to announce NOXGUARD will be opening their doors in Bogotá Colombia. It has been in the works for a couple of months now, but we can now say it is official!

Hidrotecnik plant. Bogota, Colombia

Our partners:

Hidrotecnik,NOXGUARD Colombia


Hidrotecnik is a well established company located in the outskirts of Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. They are experts in water production, dealing with different technologies including filtration, micro filtration, ultra-filtration, mono-filtration, and electrodeionization. Hidrotecnik offers technical support and maintenance to their existing customers, and will be equipped to provide DEF customers with services and solutions not available before. With their background in water, and strategic location, it only makes sense together we will be able to serve existing and new Diesel Exhaust fluid clients.

With the fast growing need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Colombia, it is the perfect time to enter the market. Having a reliable partner is a very important asset, which will be demonstrated through reliable and ontime deliveries. We are very exicted to be expanding while forming new partnerships, it has always been our goal to develop our brand internationally. While the demand for DEF has been growing througout the world, it is an honor to be able to work with smaller markets who refuse to be left behind. Our priorities include supporting Hidrotecnik in order to help them grow, and create an efficient and solid supply chain. 

Stay posted for more thrilling details and pictures of the new plant!