Diesel Exhaust Fluid heading South

DEF globe

We have previously covered that DEF was first introduced in Europe and later came to the US in 2010. But what many would like to know is where in the world is it going? Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF, Blue DEF, AdBlue, has many names depending on each country, but it is all the same product with the same specifications. Diesel Exhaust Fluid moves throught the world with technology and environmental regulations ( Politics always play a big part). For many countries the trucking industry pulls DEF into their territory in the form of brand new vehicles that already come incorporated with the SCR system. The movement for change starts, which in turn creates the need for related industries such as diesel exhaust fluid pumps, DEF totes, diesel exhaust fluid tanks, etc. I’m mostly interested in two specific countries in South America as of now, that are interested in doing business with US companies. 
South America
Brazil–  Leading in South America when it comes to Diesel Exhaust Fluid, the government passed the law in 2012 making it obligatory to use the fluid in order to reduce emissions. There have been manufacturers in business since 2011, with the market growing fast Brazil is expected to be the fifth in the truck industry in just three years. 
Colombia–  Heading into the DEF fluid market, Colombia is starting to make some progress in the area of low sulfur diesel, which is needed in trucks that have scr systems and use diesel exhaust fluid. Currently the majority of mass transportation vehicles are manufactured in Europe, and come with the scr system ready to be used with DEF fluid. These newer vehicles have created a demand for diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers and in the near future Diesel Exhaust Fluid distributors.
Demand for finished product as well as Environmental grade Urea, is growing exponentially in South America, manufacturers as well as distributors are currently searching abroad to meet their needs. Flexitanks can be a great option for those looking to export bulk loads of DEF fluid in a 20 foot container. 275 gallon IBC totes are also a viable way to export DEF fluid in a 20 foot container. Whatever the packaged option may be, and no matter where it is going, Diesel Exhaust Fluid is expanding in demand, exploring new teritories and brining related products industries along for the ride!
Transliquid Technologies is currently working with South American companies who are interested in manufacturing their own Diesel Exhaust Fluid as well as becoming distributors of their region. For more information on this subject contact our team!