4 key advantages of Diesel cars

So many of you may ask yourselves what can a Diesel engine do for me? the average Joe, will not know much about Diesel Exhaust Fluid and how it came to be. It all starts with Diesel engines, a much more common term out there.

Diesel cars have evolved greatly, and are becoming more popular in the United States for passenger vehicles. With this in mind, it is important to know, what are the key advantages of Diesel vehicles?

1. Super fuel economy -> These vechicles offer 20% to 30% better than comparable vehicles with gas engines.

2. Less trips to the pump -> With average mpg at 34 for most 2012 4 cyl cars, their drivers will spend more time driving and less time pumping.

3. Lower emissions -> Thanks to cleaner Diesel fuel and new technologies that filter emissions. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is used by some manufacturers as the way to keep emissions low. Diesel Exhaust Fluid is sprayed into the exhaust to reduce the amount of NOx ( which are harmful pollutants). 

4. Lower maintenance -> Due to greater engine efficiency, and reduced wear and tear of the engine. 

So here are the top 4 advantages of Diesel cars, probably some of the same reasons why these cars are becoming more and more popular.

New & Upcoming Diesels

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