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Hey guys- is everyone enjoying the little bit of fall that are starting to experience?  We have been truly enjoying some beatiful weather in the space city.  This naturally gets me in a good writing mood. 

Ok, so we are introducing a very special product this week which has had a heavy battery of internal tests from our very own team.  I am not certain that you realize that Transloading and packaging has been a very interesting part of our business. When it comes to IBC Totes, bulk liquid transfer totes, chemical drums, etc… we have been staying on top of this.

Traditionally, we all know the standard IBC Tote.  These are purchased either as new or used IBC Totes for different types of chemicals, as part of the packaging services being offered.

We also know that Houston serves as hub for chemical packaging, in forms of bulk chemical packaging, intermediate bulk chemical packaging, drum packaging, and transloading for various liquids and solid chemicals right here in Houston Texas.

Transloading Houston TexasBut today, we introducce a new design into the chemical packaging industry.  The concept has been around but this new design is unique, separating itself from the rest.  We are very excited to introduce not only the following new product, but a new partnership with CartonajesFont with the ODL 1000 IBC Tote and related product line.

The fast fill IBC/ODL 1000 is a collapsible IBC container with a capacity of 1000 liters (264 gallons) dedicated for the storage and transportation of one way liquid and solid products. The Fast Fill IBC/ODL 1000 is constructed of heavy duty cardboard with a simple and reliable approach. 

Space is always a concern for tradional IBC’s.  Not with the Fast Fill IBC/ODL 1000, you can save 80% of floor space with this new type of IBC. As you will see in the video below, the assembly is where the magic happens.  Our competitors cannot touch this patented design, we are sure that you will agree with us.

Some of the highlights include a 2″ NPT fill port, 2″ NPT discharge with built in cutting tool. (see video for explanation), and a superb built-in support bridge. All built ready to be quickly assebled without having to purchase additional items.


drum packaging houston tx 

 The dimensions will allow you to ship 20 units in a 20ft container. The combination of a competitive uni price, single trip design and maximum utilization of a container space, makes this an extreme cost effective way to ship your product. 

Chemical packaging Houston Tx

Folding container to single use. No refund, no maintenance or cleaning any IBC totes. The bag provides better organoleptic product conservation. 

Bulk to drums Houston Tx  

Industries being served: 

Diesel Exhaust Fluid | AdBlue 

Food processing




Non-Hazardous chemicals

So, if you are looking for distribution, quality chemical transloading, druming into ISO tanks, packaging by totes, Flexitank transloading, bulk to drums, and general liquid bulk transfer here in Houston Texas. We are here to help you! Our domestic and international reach can help you service many markets.  

Transliquid technologies


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