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Fleet Pro DEF mini bulk systems

Here we are again, taking something new to the market place.  We are grateful to everyone that guided us and offered feed back on a needed system like the one we are presenting you today.

The Fleet Pro DEF tank was conceived from the initial idea of offering a Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) outdoor mini bulk storage tank system.  The insulated DEF tank, needed not only to perform well, but also needed to rank high on aesthetics.  As the market continues to grow for bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), the Fleet Pro DEF will fill in a gap in today’s market.  We understand that you, our DEF distributors, are looking for an easier way not only to deliver DEF but to do it economically, safe, and efficiently.

The highlights for this new def bulk storage tank, the Fleet Pro DEF, follows:

The Fleet Pro DEF mini bulk tank system was carefully thought out, designed, and engineered to perform.  We all know that Diesel Exhaust Fluid freezes at 12F, while not harming the fluid.  However, no one wants to have a block of urea sitting in your bulk tank.  The Fleet Pro DEF mini bulk tank boasts a 2″ thick rigid Polyurethane insulation board.  We took this step for the simple fact that we wanted to maintain a uniform smooth surface all around the tank, enhancing its beautiful finish, while providing all the robust insulation properties.  The baby blue aluminum exterior paneleing is finished in a beautiful stucco textured finish, carrying a long warranty.  

Fleet pro DEF mini bulk tank system

Maintaining temperature was left to our Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) immersion stainless steel heating element with double pole settable thermostat 0-100F.  Serving as the main pump for the Fleet Pro DEF mini bulk tank system, is the superb DEF hornet hybrid pump (link). An optional range of imersion DEF pumps complete the list of options on the diesel exhaust fluid pumps available for this package. Each winter unit will come equipped with a built in liquid level display, but the TankLink wireless telemetry unit will be offered as an option along side with the standard level display.

 DEF bulk tanks

In typical Transliquid format, we have prepared a fun short video highlighting the standard equipment and upgrades available on these new units.  The video will offer more detail, hope everyone enjoys it. 

DEF Houston texas



  Contact us here for distribution, or if you have any technical questions.  You may also reach us at 281-377-5845.  We look forward to talking to you.



DEF Bulk tank system


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