Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transfer Pumps- 3 upgrades you need to know

Hi guys, we wanted to do a quick entry on the three most common upgrades on the Bulk DEF Transfer Pump Dolly (best seller).  When it comes to bulk DEF pumps, we worked closely with our distributors in creating a DEF pump system that did the job, met DEF specifications (ISO22241), and was affordable.

We are not going to bore you with all the details on this pump, you can see the original release here and here.  What we want to do is concentrate on getting to those three most important upgrades that you keep requesting.  When it comes to diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) equipment, you are a major driving force in helping us develope these systems. 

The first upgrade that we will be focusing on is the DEF Banjo meter.


Why is this first upgrade important to you? First of all, the standard DEF transfer pump dolly is set up with a 1 1/2″ pump.  The banjo meter gives you the ability to maintain a higher flow rate by increasing the diameter on the meter itself to 2″ and the hoses to 1-1/2″. Without the micromatic connections, you will see flow rates to 40 GPM.  With micromatic connections, you will see 26-28 GPM.  The upgrade not only looks good, but it also performs very well on this DEF transfer system.  So think higher flow rate for this simple upgrade.

DEF equipment


Why is the second upgrade important to you? The second most asked upgrade is having the option to have a weights and measures flow meter.  This is important because you are telling us that you are ready to start refilling on location.  This DEF weights and measure flow meter will give you that capability and print a receipt for your customers.  Remember, that this DEF bulk transfer pump can also be used for a DEF Bulk Tank set up, so the weights and measures meter definitely comes in handy when needed.  Think ability to resell DEF with an approved weights and measures DEF flow meter is a winner in this set up.

DEf bulk transfer pumps


Why is the third upgrade important to you? This upgrade consists of having a DEF high flow Shelco filter. A lot of our distributors who have already set up a DEF bulk tank system on location are choosing to have their DEF filtered when receiving/delivering product.  The DEF Shelco filter ensures purity down to 1 micron; so this is now an option available on this portable DEF pump dolly system.

Bulk def pumps


So, there you have it.  The 3 most asked upgrades that we have been developing for you.  But wait!

There is one more upgrade, and we will be highlighting soon.  Inventory fluid management w/ printer? Stay tuned to the blog for more information on it.  


DEF transfer pumps

 DEF bulk pumps




……supporting our distributors.  Call us today with any questions, we’ll be happy to talk with you.  You can also email us at by visiting out contact us page.


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