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Following our new tradition of guest bloggers, we always shine a light on great organizations adding value to our Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry.  Our approach is fairly new but we are having a blast talking to a lof of you out there.  We are very thankful for all of you guys that have shown a high interest in participating. 

Well, it is my pleasure to place the spot light on our friends at Integer this week.  But who is Integer? You know, that question comes up very often when we present at our seminars so let’s introduce the team that meticuously researches for data on our Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry.

The clan is composed of several analysts and friends, here are a few of them:

Chris Goodfellow Integer

 Lucy Integer Monica Integer laura Integer Interger DEF

                                                                    Chris                                    Lucy                            Monica                        Laura                           Tim
                                                      Transliquid Technologies  Chees guys !
So, who is Integer? At a glance, Integer is a specialist provider of research, data, analysis and consultancy services across a growing range of global commodities markets.  In our case, Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Furthermore, if you are not aware of the yearly DEF conference, Integer puts together a great event, which by the way, it will be hosted in Cincinnati 2012 DEF conference.

One of the things that we appreciate from Integer are the different developments on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid front.  From the retail network of DEF (truck stops), to the availablity of packaged products and the number of fleets which have installed bulk storage units for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  

Integer takes pride in developing historical pricing, and current and future treands while taking a look at other sectors of DEF such as agricultural (Supply chain, demand, etc…)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Integer


Here is one of several examples to be expected from Integer. 

This chart is par of Integer’s monthly “DEF Tracker” newsletter geared for the North American DEF market.  This tracker highlights the following:

* DEF Pricing

* Trends and key figures

* Emerging benchmarks

* Market Intelligence

* Supply Network





 Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEf retail network USA

 The DEF tracker is only one of the other services you can find on their website

Don’t forget about the great job being done at discoverDEF.com also.  

We apprecate you efforts, keep it up.  See you in Cincinnati!

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