Introducing the new CreaMatic© Coupler- Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Ok the idea of a closed loop system for Diesel Exhaist Fluid has been around since the early start of our industry, as a means to maintain product integrity.  But what does this really mean?  Well in order to maintain the critical DEF product integriry, the SCR industry has adopted strict DEF blending, storage, and dispensing.  These standards are being driven by the ISO 22241 standards for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  If you do not have a copy of the ISO 22241, do your self a favor, and pick up a copy.  Here is one link.


diesel exhaust fluid dispense coupler transfer pumpOn that same note, part of that closed loop package or system that you see on an IBC tote or drum, will require a dispense coupler to connect your DEF transfer pump to. Up until now, there was only one option for a dispense coupler; and that was the MicroMatic pictured left.  This coupler is the RSV dispenser for returnable and refillable totes/drums. Link to MicroMatic for full product specification, click here.



Up until recently, that was the only available choice as far as a dispense coupler.  We recently got the opportunity to get a hold of BB Pumps & Parts Inc. new CreaMatic© Coupler and we did what we do best, we put it through its paces…. and we liked it!

CreaMatic Dispense Coupler  

The first thing we noticed was its pleasing design, the CreaMatic© dispense coupler is a heavy constructed coupler for long life. The performance is outstanding whereby all materials are proven for the use with Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) solution.

One of the things that we enjoyed the most is its ease of use, one hand operation. The CreaMatic© coupler was designed with this in mind and it has achieved its goal, marrying perfectly with the 4-cam valve. You will also notice that the dispense coupler has 7 holes to let the air inlet trough in to the tote in order to prevent vacuum of your IBC tote. Its design will prevent any DEF liquid from splashing out via the “air inlet holes”(vertical position). 

CreaMatic dispense coupler for transfer pumps DEF 

Later this year, the model range will be extended with the CreaPremium© system which has lots of additional features where the end-users will have the benefit of using this top model, so we will definitely keep an eye for the upgraded model.  

So, overall we liked the new CreaMatic©.  It has a good overall balance while holding it, easy use with just one hand, and it looks pretty nice (different).  If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 281-377-5845 or email us at


Enjoy the short video!