DEF Bulk Transfer Skid Systems for Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Good morning folks, it is finally starting to feel like fall here in the space city (Houston Texas).  These triple digits we experienced during the long summer months were brutal, along with the long drought we have endured. But moving along; it is great to be part of our great Diesel Exhaust Fluid industry, with more and more exciting news this week as the DEF conference takes part in Atlanta.


On that note, you know how hard we have been working to bring you more choices for DEF equipment such as the previous DEF dolly transfer systems, see previous blog entry by clicking here.  We are happy to bring you our new line of heavy duty skids for all your DEF needs.  Itntroducing the DEF Pro-6000 T; DEF transfer skid.

Effective and efficient Diesel Exhaust Fluid Bulk Transfer skid systems.

The DEF Pro-Bulk DEF transfer skid mounted dispensing system, making it easy to customize for transport and storage. The product features a 2-inch pump and a 220-volt motor that can be connected to a standard 30-ampere switch. The motor is designed for increased flow rate and efficient dispensing for inter-bulk, inter-tote, or bulk to tote. A cam lock on both intake and outlet nozzles ensures compatibility with static or mobile tanks although it is optimized for use in the warehouse or storage yard. The MicroMatic intake nozzle is a 2-inch nozzle that is connected to the high flow filtration unit through a Banjo 2-inch reinforced polypropylene full flow meter with digital volume display.

The stainless steel filtration tower from Shelco is able to process 80 gallons per minute. The 2-inch hosing and meter mean that the unit is able to handle higher flow rates especially required in bulk to bulk dispensing. The system uses 25 to 50 feet of 2 hosing also equipped with a cam lock which can fit a drum nozzle and is capable of delivering greater efficiency for every gallon dispensed.

The Pro-Bulk DEF transfer skid is one of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk transfer skid systems that we customize to run on its own power with the installation of an inverter power pack, dispensing meter and ticket printer in a two-tier configuration. In addition, the customization pack includes full plated DEF bulk transfer skids complete with a sprayed-on polyurethane coating to protect the metal against chemical corrosion and rust. The MicroMatic, hosing and filtration configuration can be positioned according to the nature of the Diesel Exhaust Fluid bulk transfer skid system installation. Different configurations may be required for static installations such as a storage yard or mobile installations such as supply tanker on a truck or any other suitable vehicle.


At Transliquid Technologies, we are committed to designing and delivering excellence with our Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment and DEF bulk transfer skids while contributing actively to a greener, better world. We pride ourselves on our high quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid equipment and our flexibility to customize the ProBulk DEF bulk transfer skids to meet the needs of our distributors with effective, efficient DEF dispensing.


  A quick shout out to all new subscribers, we love having you plugged in and we appreciate your feed back on this blog platform.  Hope some of you are in Atlanta this week; enjoy the DEF conference.

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Lube transfer pump skid systems- Meet our new PROLUBE 4000

Hey guys-  things have been heating up here with the recent launch of our Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) transfer dolly systems (see last entry here). You first saw the system here with us on the blog, how it operated, and the robustness that was built into these new Diesel Exhaust Fluid transfer packages.  This spun off a different type of conversations here on the blog and from our twitter friends, all centered around the control and transfer of lubricants.

Consequenrly, this gave birth to a new platform for us; a new approach at helping you achieve greater efficiencies. If you are delivering different types of lubricants; say 15w40 HD , Motor Oil 5w30, ISO 68 AW Hydraulic Oils, ATF Dexron III / Mercon; and your number one job is to create efficiencies while staying away from product contanimation; you may want to stay around to watch rhe video.

Prolube 4000


The spark truly came about when we were tasked with the concept of creating a portable oil transfer system on a skid.  A multi transfer pump set up for gear oils, ATF, Hydraulics, etc.. So now on or hands we had a concept for some sort of movil / portable skid to transfer fluids, lubricants in our case.

Enjoy the video…





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