Psss, you there? The new Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transfer Skid is here

Hi folks, hope you all are enjoying the first of the summer months.  First, let me shout out to all our existing subscribers and a welcome to all you new subscribers; thank you for following this blog.

Well, there are a whole lot of new things on the Diesel Exhaust Fluid front; from price increases being announced just around to corner, to new bulk DEF transfer equipment which we are about to show case here.

We promised that we were redirecting the blog back to Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF); so here we are with a few interesting posts coming your way in the next few days and we do promise to stay on topic 🙂

So, again; this is not nothing short of new; but more and more we are all seeing the trend to bulk DEF.  From my numerous conversations with industry colleagues; we are seeing a very strong direction into bulk DEF.  So the questions are starting pour in:  “What available DEF equipment is out there for bulk transfer of Diesel Exhaust Fluid”?

We are happy to showcase the first of two equipment pieces now available to you; for bulk DEF transfer.

Now, the emphasis was on three core principles:

DEF Dolly
DEF Dolly
1. Consistency
2. Affordability
3. Quality

The system is built around the closed loop system, the Micro Matic DEF transfer skid is built to give you piece of mind knowing that not only is the system built from quality components, but the closed loop system ensures purity of your DEF solution.

Next, we wanted to give you plenty of flexibility, we listened to your needs; and now available to you is a system that you can easily move around in your warehouse or take with you to make deliveries.

Light, robust, and flexible.  Meet the DEF Dolly System for the bulk transfer of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

The DEF Dolly System is designed for bulk to tote, tote to tote, or bulk dispensing.

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  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • 50ft electrical cord reel
  • On/Off Switch
  • Closed Loop Micro-Matic
  • 25 GPM flow rates
  • Flow meter
  • Mounted on a 1000lb capacity hand truck for ultimate mobility.
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