Emergency mobile fuel dispensers- transfer pumps, trailers, DOT ready

We are changing gears a bit here on blog, focusing on equipment based on several great questions that have come in.

So, if you live along the Gulf Coast area; you know that hurricane season is fast approaching and we all scramble for emergency systems for diesel and emergency mobile units.  We have been developing a few systems of our own with the line of UL 2085 Tanks in Texas, and Louisiana, but now adding a new line of diesel mobile / portable tank emergency systems.


Here is a line of interesting questions we received recently:

Q- Do you include UL-142 tanks for emergency mobile dispenser trailers?

A- No, we do not use UL 142 tanks for these type of applications. A UL 142 tank is an above ground tank and not permitted for a mobile application.

Q- So, if you do not use a UL 142 tank, what do you recommend for a mobile diesel application?

A– These tanks are built with dished ends and full wall baffles to prevent the motion of fuel from knocking out the end walls.  Built to DOT specifications for baffle to end wall distance, no skip welds, and triple venting systems.

Q- Do you use torsion axles on your trailer suspension?

A- Shackle suspension or torsion axles are not allowed. Simply, because they are not durable for the application and would keep the emergency fueling unit to go off road.

Q- What about pin connections?

A- A 7-pin connector plug is used to run lights, breaks, pumps, etc.. This set up is much more durable and can easily handle the power requirements of running the pumps, and lights without a problem.

Q- What fuel platforms are you supporting?

A– Our TransMobile Diesel Refueling Unit includes platforms for diesel, gas,
aviation fuel, E-85, biodiesel, and other fuel products
meeting Class 3 combustible requirements. Designed to 
improve refueling operations with onsite mobility, all
 these fuel trailer solutions are manufactured to meet or 
exceed DOT standards for lights, brakes, reflectors, 
safety equipment, load capacity, decals, and signage

It is not just about having a tank that you can move from one place to another, but about having a Diesel storage unit, that can be transported safely, and securely meeting the appropriate guidelines.

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