AV gas transfer pumps, flow meters, and UL 2085 tanks – a quick guide

istock_000008983874xsmallWe have had some very good questions come in worthy of posting on our blog.  So, if you are distributing Aviation fuel (Av gas) or perhaps you are serving a small airport;  you may find yourself asking what is so special with regards to avgas pumps, flow meters, filters, and so on.

Let’s start with the basic question, what is Av gas? In simple terms, it is a super high octane fuel to power many aircrafts.

Wikipedia gets so deep into this definition so if you have the time, read on here.


Next, two very important questions?

1. Can I use any flow meter for Av gas?

2. Do I need an interior lining for a UL 142 or UL 2085 storage tank?


700_rotary_meterLet’s answer the first question:  can I use any flow meter for Avgas? No, you cannot use just any flow meter. Why? Av gas is a dryer fuel, the meter needs to be equipped special bearings – so when you call us, you need specify a SPA (Standard Petroleum + Aviation Gas).  That is truly the only difference but it needs to be specified.




Now, to the next question.  Do I need any special lining for AVgas in a UL 142 or UL 2085 listed storage tank?

The answer is, it depends. Lining a tank for AV gas is up to the end user. A liner for AV gas is not required but most customers want the option.  So we give you the options.

Last, we have been asked if a UL 142 storage tank is needed, or perhaps a UL 2085 storage?  Well, that question will be best answered by your local fire marshall or local authority, so please check with them.  We will be happy to email you spec’s and general arrangement drawings for final approval.

Either specification, the UL 142 or UL 2085, the tank interior needs to be buttwelded, sandblasted and lined for Jet Fuel.

The last part about fueling a small aircraft is to ask if your customer will be doing it overwing or underwing.  The following video demostrates an overwing refueling process.  The underwing set up creates a lot more pressure and requires a very different connection.  Make sure that is clearly specified.

If you have an application for Av gas, we have the package for you including:

Av gas transfer pump: 

1.5 HP Explosion-Proof 120v AC – Single Phase, Continuous Duty Cycle, with 45 GPM.   Warranty: Two (2) Years

Av gas ready flow meter:

1.5″ NPT, Aluminum, Standard Petroleum / Aviation, .2 -50 GPM (.76 – 189 LPM), 150 PSI (10.5 Bar), Mechanical Register (Measures 1/10th Gallons (9,999.9)), and Air Eliminator / Strainer. Warranty: Ten (10) Years


Filter Housing Model: VF-61

Filter Element Model: AD-51225

Looking for the PDF specifications on these components; Email us at info@transliquidtechnologies.com

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TCS high flow meters Houston Texas- how do I print a ticket?

As an ongoing service to you; we are starting to capture more good questions coming in from our customers.  Answering that call, we have decided to do even more “how to” quick blog posts.  We are hoping that by sharing these great questions; you will use them as a valuable resource.  Tell us what you think !

Here is a question that came in from Latin America; we have been shipping the standard configuration TCS Flow meter with the following specifications:



TCS Meter Model: 682-15SP3AL – 1.5″ NPT, 0.7 – 50 GPM (19 – 227 LPM), 150 PSI (10.5 Bar), Mechanical Register (Measures Litres (99,999)), and Mechanical Printer.

(Picture shows an electronic register, representative picture only)

•  Superior Accuracy over the entire flow range
•  Low Maintenance
•  Long Service Life
•  75 years of proven performance and acceptance
•  Wide Viscosity Range – up to 50,000 SSU (11,000 CPS)
•  Industry leading 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

Need for information, head over to the TCS website, click here now.



Now, this TCS flow meter comes with a Mechanical ticket printer. The following email came in a form of a question….

“We have received the initial shipments and we are happy with the quality and performance of these flow meters.  However, this is a new product for us (Latin America) and we are hoping to get a little support as to what are the steps to print a ticket/receipt with this model”

Here is a quick video showing you a step-by-step process of how to print with an equipped TCS flow meter model 682.

Thank you and keep sending in your questions; we love hearing from you.




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IBC Totes Houston Texas – how many can I fit on a trailer?

We get bombarded with questions like everyday so what a better place than to post it on the blog.  New or used IBC totes, it makes no difference; the same number of IBC totes will fit on a trailer if you are considering a purchase.

So, the question again:

How many empty stainless steel IBCs will fit on a trailer?

350 gallon IBCs – 48 in a standard 48′ trailer

350 gallon IBCs – 52 in a standard 53′ trailer

550 gallon IBCs – 24 in a standard 48′ trailer

550 gallon IBCs – 26 in a standard 53′ trailer

The second most asked question we get is:

What is the heaviest product that I can put inside a new or used IBC tote?-

Tricky question but generally speaking, and I mean generally speaking.  You will find a lot of used IBC Totes rated for up to 1.9 Specific gravity, that means a capacity of up to 15 lbs per gallon.

So there you have it, we will try to do more flash blog posts like this, hoping to help you find the answers you are looking for.

Do you have a question? Or need to get in touch with a member of our team, contact us now.

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Lubricant transfer pumps Houston – extreme cold

If you live in Texas; you know we have been hard hit with bone chilling temperatures.  Here in Houston, it has iced our roads and created all sort of problems for our lubricant distributors.

I wanted to post the following question because I know there are lots of you searching for Lube Transfer pumps that can handle not only extreme cold temperatures but also capable of transferring from a 55 gal drum when you know the lubricants have gelled up a bit due to the cold temperatures.

So, the question came in as follows:

“I am currently pumping from a drum and my current AC powered lube pump is not strong enough to build enough vacuum to pull from the top of my drum.  The product is 320 gear oil, do you have a lubricant pump readily available for pick up today?


Yes, in stock here in Houston and here is what it can do for you.

The 1520 Series of pumps is known for its superior performance when it comes to moving oil and lube products. When delivering or moving oil during the warm summer days or in the dead of winter, no other pump can match the 1520 series.


STANDARD FEATURES12.5″ L x 31.75″ W x 13.75″ H1.5″ Blade Master Pump Head1.5 HP TEFC Motor115v/230v Power RequiredSelf-PrimingEngineered to Operate DrySelf-Adjusting Spring Loaded Wiper Blade TechnologyCapable of up to 45GPM


Delivered and got our customer back on the road doing what he needs to be doing.  As always, send us your questions and we will be glad to get back to you on this blog or email.  By the way, don’t forget the model, it is the 1500 series transfer Pumps for Lubricants and Oils.  Stay warm out there.


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