Transfer pumps, on location with the new fuel transfer pumps from PIUSI

Transfer pumps are abundant out there; with plenty of choices to overwhelm you for a full day.  We receive a lot of inquiries from outside the US regarding packages for diesel transfer pumps with their own set of custom specifications.  Most are dc fuel transfer pumps, these are the 12 volt transfer pumps.  Now, we have been very happy with the performance and overall package of the robust diesel fuel transfer systems coming from PIUSI for the US market.

PIUSI Cube 70 & 56


From the PIUSI Cube 56, and PIUSI Cube 70, to the newly updated PIUSI Cube 70 MC.  These fuel transfer pumps and fuel management packages are standing out well out there in the market place.

The Cube 70 MC fuel transfer pump package is currently a hot seller for us; aside from the obvious, this little gem does so much. With the ability to record 250 transactions, this is a complete diesel fuel consumption management system that can kick your receipt box to the curb.  Yes, I said receipts because that is exactly what it does for our customers; no more paper receipts. Making your life a little easier, this transfer pump package will allow you to download transactions to a manager’s key straight into your PC via a USB. Easy, 1.2..3.. and all the transactions download straight into your PC; making your fuel inventory management headaches  so much simpler.

Enjoy the short video.


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