High flow meters Houston Texas with printer? DEF refilling program

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I wanted to post a question that keeps coming up frequently.

As you know, we have been working very hard on our Diesel Exhaust Fluid program here in Houston Texas as a major distributor and packager for DEF.  Our Texas Diesel Exhaust Distributors keep asking about bulk DEF and more importantly, the following quesion keeps coming up:



What turn key package do we have available now for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Houston Texas to refill IBC totes on location?



I’d like to point out something important.  For the last two weeks we have discussed DEF dispenser pump systems, closed loop systems, and more.  Remember, that if you are going to be refilling totes on location; you need the RSV micro-matic system. Read previous blog post here.

Ok, back on point.  The answer to the question regarding DEF refill turn key packages; the one thing that most people have not factored is the custody transfer high flow meter for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  This is probably one of the most important pieces of the DEF distributor refill program.  (weights and measures)

Yes we stock high flow meters, capable of printing receipts. This is available for general purposes and also available for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Above high flow meters can be retrofitted with printers and also, we can set them up with a high flow pump that will shut off at the designed gallon or liter capacity automatically.


LastTCS is introducing an economical 304 stainless steel construction for their 682 piston and 700 rotary flow meters to maintain the high purity required for DEF.  As one of the ONLY flow meters available today to meet the custody transfer requirements of DEF measurement, this is a great value for our DEF network.

Transliquid Technologies focuses heavily on our combined 20+ year experience on the equipment side.  But now, the rules are about to change once more with a few surprises coming down the pipe for our customers, distributors, and friends.

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