Bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Houston

As Diesel Exhaust Fluid begins to heat up; more and more retail locations are starting to pop up on our radar screen.  However, no one knows and tracks this better than the guys heading DiscoverDEF.


If you searching for retail outlets carrying Diesel Exhaust Fluid across North America, these guys are the best.

Their DEF fluid location counter shows a number of supply points selling Diesel Exhaust Fluid, roadside across North America. Search now

We were recently interviewed by DiscoverDEF regarding one of our bulk DEF storage packages. Our VP, Andy Cuadra, discussed the engineering and craftsmanship behind this bulk DEF storage package. Follow DiscoverDEF’s story here.  The package can be viewed here










As we gear up for the fourth quarter of this year, all eyes are on DEF and people are beginning to take notice.  Our terminal is right on schedule and we are about to release into fabrication our first bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid storage tank to support our distributors here in Houston. Stainless Steel construction, coupled with heavy duty industrial insulation, heating and cooling systems. The first 25,000 gallon tank will be ready to receive the first of many railcars in the very near future.

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