Diesel Exhaust Fluid placard, do you need one for transport?

I have been getting lots of questions from Twitter and Facebook regarding the shipping of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  So, let’s talk about this one for a quick minute; this post will be very short and to the point.

If we were to look at the Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS, for Diesel Exhaust Fluid; we read the following under the Transportation Section for this product.

“DOT Classification”  —>Not regulated.

“TDG Classification” —>Not regulated

“Mexico Classification” —>Not regulated.

“HCS Classification” —>Not regulated

So, what does this mean with regards to its Diesel Exhaust Fluid Placard?  Simply, that the placard itself will show zeros because the product is classified as non-hazardous and it is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

So, those of you wanting to set up a distributorship or delivery business; you are good to go.



Now, keep in mind that this is regarding the placard of DEF, there are still procedures as to how to handle and store Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Hope that helps.

Thanks for the questions everyone.

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