Emergency diesel fuel transfer kit, PIUSI BOX- Hurricane season

Officially, Hurricane season runs from June through November, back in 2008 Houston was hit by a category 3 hurricane in the month of September. Neighborhoods were devastated, Galveston Island was under water, and everyone was scrambling for emergency generators. Now if you are in Texas, you have probably experienced in some way or another the storms , flash flooding and severe thunder which have caused power outages and major devastation.

Back in 2008 ,fuel transfer pumps and related equipment was being sought after for Hurricane relief efforts, specifically diesel fuel transfer pumps for generators and such.

This year, we would like to re-introduce the Piusi diesel transfer pump, PIUSIBOX, it is meant to serve in emergency situations such as a hurricane or storm.  Piusi fuel dispensers are above the competition on reliability, portability, and packaging.



With the PIUSIBOX made by PIUSI, you have all the tools required for transferring diesel fuel. It is designed to keep clean the parts that come in contact wight the diesel, that might otherwise become contaminated by sand, dirt and dust.

1) Self priming transfer pump

2) 12 gpm

3) Delivery hose and pump nozzle

4) Suction hose with foot valve

5) Available in 12V and 24V

….all housed in a beautiful, durable, and portable package.

Enjoy the video and if you have any question, just call us at 281-377-5845; we look forward to talking with you soon.



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UL 142 and Diesel Exhaust Fluid – a new package is born

The UL-142 above ground fuel tank, is the work horse of most of our customers, and in this case we took the UL 142 design to a higher level by adding a heavy duty industrial insulation for a liquid product that easily hardens under a lower temperature range; the challenge was to be able to keep it fluid while staying away from the cost of adding heaters.











On that same note; I have been recently asked about bulk Diesel Exhaust Fluid and carbon steel storage tanks; and while initially the ISO 22241 standard for Diesel Exhaust Fluid calls for the incompatible approach with carbon steel tanks, there is now a new liner that we are offering through our group of partners that has been independently tested and proven to resist corrosion and does not contaminate Diesel Exhaust Fluid. This new epoxy internal liner can easily be applied into our cylindrical storage tanks for the bulk storage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

So, what you get is an above ground bulk storage tank that is heavily insulated; we know that heat plays a very important factor for the shelf life of DEF, coupled with a heating/cooling system, and an internal liner approved specifically for Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF). That is our new approach at delivering a quality, approved, and durable above ground storage solution that is still less expensive than a Stainless Steel tank but specifically tailored to meet the demands for the Diesel Exhaust Fluid market.
Enjoy the video and let us know what you think; your feed back is what lead us to develop this package.  Thank you !


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Intermediate Bulk Container or IBC Totes- Houston Texas. Reloaded..

Hi folks- you already know based on our writing style that we tend to be a little different in the way we approach our business and certainly in the way we treat our customers. With that being said, the inquiries about IBC Totes here in Houston have started coming in so let’s talk about what you need to know before you make your purchase.  Transliquid Technologies offers limited used stainless steel IBC totes for sale since our focus has been on the R&D of not just insulating jackets but also built in heating coils for your IBC totes.

However, it is important for you to know the details before you make your purchase.

First of all, we are discussing the standard IBC totes such as the 350 gallon an 550 gallon totes.  We are not discussing the blow molded plastic IBC totes, nothing wrong with them, just simply not the type of IBC we are referring to here.  So, this is the standard 304 Stainless Steel Intermediate Bulk Container.










Sometime back there was a flood of chinese totes that had entered the market. Now I am not going to write towards or against chinese totes, you may already have your own opinion on the matter but this entry will not be about that.  However, you need to know what you are purchasing.

Chinese totes are typically a little thinner gauge material, but fully meeting the industry standard and specification of the American made totes.  So, if you are buying used totes; make sure you ask who the manufacturer is, if that is important to you. Remember, all that we are doing here is giving you the information, what you do with it is up to you.

Second, most used IBC totes will be sold with the label “in-test”.  But wait, what does that mean to you? Be careful because “In test” could mean that you only have a week, a month, 6 months, etc.. until the tote needs to be re certified.  Yes, if you are using these totes for transport, it is your responsibility to have them in test and certified for transport. Now, re certifying is not a big deal, all you need is to purchase a kit and you can do it yourself.  The point is, no surprises. Learn the facts, ask the right questions, and make the right purchase.

Last, try to get a visual representation of what the totes looks like. Now, just to help you remember here, we are talking about ‘used’ IBC Totes.  You cannot imagine the number of times I came across stories of company ‘X’ selling a used tote to a customer that showed up so banged up, it looked like it had falling off the truck.  If you are a company, and looking to make a purchase for your own inventory, the samething applies so try to minimize the surprises. Some people will care and some people will not care about about the cosmetics of the used IBC tote.  But just know the facts.

You got questions, we are here to help. Call us or send us an email.


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Wireless Tank Level Monitors, Houston Texas – Q/A

What is a wireless tank level monitoring system?

It is a cost efficient way where you can gain information on the amount of product inside your tank before you order or before you send someone to climb up on your tank. Understanding the cost of running out of product or allowing a customer to run out is crucial. These systems offer the flexibility of a complete wireless remote tank monitoring, now available to you.









What are some of the benefits of a wireless tank level monitoring system?

1) The hardware automatically will wake up and check the product level inside your tank at set intervals. It will then send data that will get translated into a special graphical report on your computer screen; detecting critical set points, history, and forecast.

2) Your options to receive notifications are via email, text message.

3) Your reports can be scheduled for any time.

Do I need to purchase an expensive software to monitor my tanks?

No.  A software package purchase is not required. You have flexibility to login through a web portal with your own login name and password.

How difficult is it to install these units?

Units are simple to install.  First of all, a 1″ or 2″ NPT opening is needed on the tank, this is where the cable and sensor will fit through. One, you would place the hardware piece on the tank either mounted on the NPT opening. Two, run the cable and sensor through the opening. Three, activate the unit.  We will be there to help you activate it.

What if I need to monitor different locations?

The user interface (UI) inside the web portal will allow you to assign regions.  This will give you the flexibility to pull up your tank information by regions or all at once as desired.  By the same token, the UI will also allow you to set preferences as to whom is able to access and or see tanks in those regions.

How do I determine if my product will work with your Wireless tank level monitor system?

Leave that to us.  We offer different types of sensors depending on how the tank is set up and product specifications.  From ultra sonic sensors, to pressure sensors. All we need is the specifications of your tank, and the MSDS ( or general spec) of the product.

I will be changing products periodically, do I need to buy two units to monitor each product? 

No. Each one of the products have a specific gravity; so internally all that we do is adjust the settings so that the sensors can read the appropriate product.  Our customer service department will gladly make those adjustments as you change products inside your tank.

Does your system work through the GSM digital network?

Yes.  We provide wireless tank level monitors equipment for the GSM network.

From a maintenance perspective, how soon do I need to replace the batteries on the wireless tank level unit(s)?

The combination of solar power energy and/or  batteries only is available.  The average life of the batteries is 2 years. At this point you can purchase the batteries at your local store or we can ship you new ones.

Is the solution completely wireless?

Yes. this solution is 100% wireless; utilizing new technology, long life batteries and cellular networks. No other phone lines or outside power is required.

transliquid_meeting-resized-600 How do I get in contact with someone to start discussing my project?

We will be happy to discuss your project and guide you through it. You may call usat 281-377-5845 option #4, email us at info@transliquidtechnologies.com or schedule a Webinar tour.

We are very flexible…


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UL 142 Storage Tanks Houston – Double wall

The UL 142 storage tank is a work horse for us and for our customers. This is the tank that the majority of our existing customer base chooses because the small increase in price from the non-UL 142 version makes it so tempting and worth while to purchase.

These tanks are normally in stock, and if not; only allow 5-7 business days to become available.

The amount of flexibility that you have with these UL 142 tanks is far superior with Transliquid Technologies.  From Diesel Exhaust Fluid approved coatings, amazing performance from our transfer pumps, flow meters, industrial insulation with heat tracing built in, all the way to the special paint packages available in a array of colors.  Here, you decide how you want it built.

The 515 gallon UL 142 storage tank, a workhorse that adds durability, flexibility, and economic sense.

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Diesel Exhaust Fluid placard, do you need one for transport?

I have been getting lots of questions from Twitter and Facebook regarding the shipping of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  So, let’s talk about this one for a quick minute; this post will be very short and to the point.

If we were to look at the Material Safety Data Sheet, MSDS, for Diesel Exhaust Fluid; we read the following under the Transportation Section for this product.

“DOT Classification”  —>Not regulated.

“TDG Classification” —>Not regulated

“Mexico Classification” —>Not regulated.

“HCS Classification” —>Not regulated

So, what does this mean with regards to its Diesel Exhaust Fluid Placard?  Simply, that the placard itself will show zeros because the product is classified as non-hazardous and it is not regulated by the Department of Transportation (DOT).

So, those of you wanting to set up a distributorship or delivery business; you are good to go.



Now, keep in mind that this is regarding the placard of DEF, there are still procedures as to how to handle and store Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  Hope that helps.

Thanks for the questions everyone.

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How Diesel Exhaust Fluid works (video) – Houston Texas USA

Our good friends at SunCoast Resources posted a great video on how this awesome technology truly works. Diesel Exhaust Fluid here in Houston and abroad is picking up speed and Transliquid Technologies is excited to be involved with this changing technology.

Being able to reduce emissions to nearly zero is extreme, who would have imagined.  If you are driving a new truck with this new SCR technology, sound off here and let us know how you are liking your new engine.


P.S. Send us an email and ask us how you can get DEF delivered to you.

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Piusi CUBE 70 & CUBE 56 – how diesel dispensers should think

Earlier this week I was talking to an international customer that had a need to track his diesel fuel consumption, and at the same time alleviate the need to forecast, and secure the availability of diesel fuel to their own fleet.  The conversation started with the Piusi CUBE 56 and Piusi CUBE 70 dispensers, both very capable of handling flow rates between 15-18 gallons per minute.

PIUSI Cube 70 & 56

These PIUSI CUBE pumps were developed for the distribution of Diesel fuel in a non-commercial application. Vehicles can be refuelled quickly and safety with CUBE fuel pumps. Options are available for measuring and recording the quantities dispensed.

The flow-meters mounted on CUBE pumps have sturdy mechanical readout systems whose reliability and easiness to use have been time proven over and over again.








After further discussing the topic deeper as to why this was important to them.  We found out that there was a very rooted problem; they lacked the ability to know how much and how many times their folk lift fleet of 75 units were stopping to refuel.
The current system did not allow them to track fuel dispensing, forecast fuel consumption, or even have a any security measures as to whom had access to the fuel. That conversation lead us to the PISUI CUBE 70 MC, with this dispenser our customer is going to be able to:

1.  control up to 50 users

2. and download data can into a PC both by means of the magnetic key and by cable connection.

3. Store data for the last 200 forklifts on its local memory

4. Accept vehicle registration numbers and odometer readings.

Call us to set up a demo or simply to ask questions; we look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your continued support.

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