Diesel Exhaust Fluid Houston – what is DEF’s placard symbol?

As Diesel Exhaust Fluid finds itself more into every corner of the United States; we are getting more and more questions.  As consumers; great questions should always be ask.  So, if I was buying Diesel Exhaust Fluid for my own fleet, how do I bring it in?  On the other hand, if you are a new distributor, how do you ship it to your customers?

Back to topic, I was with a customer last week where a conversation got started about wanting to distribute Diesel Exhaust Fluid.  We all know you can stop by your local truck stop and pay full retail for a new 2.5 jug of DEF but as a distributor buying in bulk; you are saving yourself some $$$$. How do you ship Diesel Exhaust Fluid to one of your own customers?  Do you have to pull special permits or place one these placars on the shipments?

The answer is simply no. The product itself is non-hazardous, DOT does not regulate it over the road.  So, use your regular couriers to ship bulk shipments of Diesel Exhaust Fluid to your customer. This applies to either drums, IBC Totes, 2.5 gallon cases, or larger bulk shipments.


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