5 Tips to contract packaging for bulk liquids

What do I need to send you to get a turn key quote to package a full truck load into IBC totes or drums?

I often get this question about TransLiquid’s contract packaging for bulk chemicals, lubricants, and fuels.  So we thought we put something up here on our blog to serve as basis for the basic requirements.

Packaging line


Here are 5 tip to help expedite the quote process:

1. Please provide name of the product and Material Safety Date Sheet or MSDS.

2. Please provide how the product will arrive at our packaging facility, tank truck, rail, or other.

3. Please provide if you will be providing your own packaging, ie. drums, IBC totes, etc… Transliquid can provide all the necessary packaging items per your request.

4. Please advice if long term storage will need to be taken into consideration.  We have inside storage where we can make room for your contract packaging.

5. if the shipment is heading internationally, please provide main ports of entry in outside country. if local, please provide exact addresses of distribution.

I hope the information above is helpful in helping you get a fast response back on any specific need you may have.

As always, we are to help in any way.

The TransLiquid team.

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