Noxguard Working Toward Your Health And A Better Environment (Part II)

This article is linked to our first part of this subject “Noxguar Working Toward Your Health And A Better Environment (Part I)“. In that post we mention that several human lives are shortened due to NOx (Nitrous Oxide).

But, what exactly does NOx due to the human body?

According to Icopal Noxite, a british site that is versed on this issue. NOx mainly impacts on respiratory conditions causing inflammation of the airways at high levels. Long term exposure can decrease lung function, increase the risk of respiratory conditions and increase the response to allergens. NOx also contributes to the formation of fine particles (PM) and ground level ozone, both of which are associated with adverse health effects.


Many deseases related to NOx. Noxguard helps to prevent them taking care of diesel emissons


Professor Roy Harrison, an environmental health expert at the University of Birmingham in the UK, in his research suggests that the premature deaths from NOx could be 10 times higher than those from exhaust emissions of particles.


NOx has direct and indirect effects on human health, it can cause:

  • Breathing problems.
  • Headaches.
  • Chronically reduced lung function.
  • Eye irritation.
  • Loss of appetite.
  • Corroded teeth.
  • Allergy problems or complications.
  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (also known as COPD, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis) related to ground level ozone.
  • Increased risk of respiratory infections.
  • Increased susceptibility to pulmonary inflammation.

It can indirectly affect humans by damaging the ecosystems they rely on in water and on land—harming animals and plants. Also emitted in diesel fumes are solid particles which can:

  • Penetrate deep into the lungs and cause cancer.
  • Chronic breathing problems.
  • Premature death in people with heart or lung disease.


Although these affections can be long term damages, we must try to stop air pollution. Applying strict regulations on diesel engines manufacturers with a very wide range of selective catalytic reduction technologies such as Noxguard DEF, is something that can help improve on this matter.

A Tale Of Success

Noxguard Goes To Mexico


We, at Transliquid Technologies, strongly believe that sharing social net contents, must be done giving an extra to our contacts and followers in general. That is why we always try to have something nice and friendly for you with in our information. Fresh images, sequences; and all in all, giving some light content and amusement to our readers and viewers. This is why, we would like to share a brief story of success with a twist. Please let us tell it, we hope you enjoy it.


noxguard def goes to mexico
Noxguard DEF opens in Mexican Market


Victoria Berriochoa Joined Noxguard Mexico

Noxguard México SA de CV is pleased to announce that Victoria Berriochoa joined the company as sales account manager. We would like to give you the warmest welcome.

We are very pleased, since Victoria has extensive experience in the trucking business, she knows the difficulties and characteristics of it. What makes her arrival a significant growth in the sales department.




Previously Victoria worked in the marketing area of various successful projects. Her natural sensitivity and inclination towards plastic arts, has been very useful for the promotion of products and services.

Noxguard México SA de CV is the Mexican subsidiary of TransLiquid Technologies LLC. It is a Noxguard DEF manufacturer in the United States to which Victoria will also be a part of.


TransLiquid Technologies names Ronald Mullins Chief Financial Officer

William “Memo” Berriochoa, President and CEO of TransLiquid Technologies announced the appointment of Ronald Mullins as CFO.

“I am delighted to welcome Ron to our organization,” said Memo Berriochoa, TransLiquid’s CEO. “He brings an extensive background to TransLiquid to support the launch of our 2020 growth plan.”

Before joining TransLiquid, Mr. Mullins managed capital resources at Morgan Stanley.  His background includes experience in accounting as well as operations management. Mr. Mullins is a retired Naval Reserve Lieutenant Commander.


Ronald Mullins


Founded in 2009, TransLiquid Technologies is a privately owned corporation based in Houston, Texas manufacturing commercial vehicle fluids, supporting the operational needs of the trucking industry in Texas and Mexico.


Noxguard Working Toward Your Health And A Better Environment (Part I)

Actually, we have this topic being discussed here and there: is climate change or global warming for real? We don´t want —for now— to polemize on this matter; there are skeptical against it and tough defenders as well. This post is about a topic that is known widely; we are talking about nitrogen oxide and how harmful it could be for human health. Through this topic, we will analyze different health problems that are inflicted when humans are constantly in presence of NOx (Nitrogen Oxides) produced by trucks and cars specifically when diesel is used as fuel for them.


In modern life, living in our everyday more complex cities, or among heavy traffic highways and roads, thousands of tons of NOx are emitted into the environment yearly. According to “The Guardian“, 97% percent of all modern diesel cars emit more toxic nitrogen oxide pollution on the road than the official limit, with a quarter producing at least six times more than the limit.


Although according to the National Emissions Inventory (NEI) data, estimated nationwide anthropogenic (human created)  emissions of NOx decreased by 44 percent between 1990 and 2011 (from 25.2 million tons to 14.1 million tons). This downward trend results primarily from emissions reductions at electric utilities and among on-road mobile sources. Yes, the improvement is amazing but not enough yet.


38,000 early deaths are related to NOx polution


Let’s say that if in 2011 we were producing 14.1 tons of NOx yearly, and due to more regulations and better motor efficiency, newer fleets, and other factors, our current NOx emission goes in terms of 10 to 7 tons annually (this is our estimate given a continuously bold decrease in emissions); the problem is still there, and you will say, “what’s up with that?”


First of all, releasing 1 kg of NOx (Nitrous oxide – N2O) into the atmosphere is about equivalent to releasing 298 kg of  CO2, that means that it is almost 300 to 1 ratio; and considering the population density in inner cities, and the NOx emissions in those  urban areas, knowing that a great percentage of this emissions are made by diesel cars; well we have pretty much a health problem. “…The excess emissions of harmful nitrogen oxide (NOx) exhaust gases can be linked to 38,000 premature deaths worldwide, according to the new research. This is in addition to the World Health Organisation’s estimate of 3.7 million deaths caused by outdoor air pollution.


The US scientists argue that there is too little awareness of the impact of “real world” vehicle air pollution…” And this exactly what we are trying to point where.


In a further post linked very closely to this one, we will be specifically talking about the NOx effects on humans and death related to this issue (to be continued…)

NOXGUARD Bottles – Making a difference

The idea came from our CEO Memo Sr. most of you probably have met him in person or talked to him on the phone. He is very involved in all aspects of the business and is always looking for ways to do better and helping others, from the employees to the community.
The original objective was to give a family friends’ son the opportunity to come work with us. He is currently a student in college who could benefit from real work experience. Being in a wheelchair has its challenges for him, but as a smart hard working individual, he was excited to give it a try. Before we realized it there were three more people who had family members who wanted to come in and work that day. Javier, Kayla, and Alvaro are all different with different special abilities and needs. What makes them exceptional is their willingness to grow and work.

Today is the first day of our pilot program, the main objective is to empower young adults with special abilities, and give them the tools to have real work experience in a welcoming environment.


To give Javier, Kayla, and Alvaro the opportunity to come work and learn about the manufacturing processes of Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


To empower young adults with special abilities, and give them the tools to have real work experience in a welcoming environment.


Setting up a safe working area to learn about DEF bottles and their  packaging process . A set time frame of work will be defined to give the program structure and give both parties reliability.


We invite all of our current and new DEF customers to support this program with our packaged bottles of NOXGUARD DEF. If you see a bottle with a blue sticker indicating the bottle was in part put together by our team in the program, we encourage you to share it with everyone.

Here at Transliquid, we are extremely proud of Javier, Kayla, and Alvaro for coming in today and for showing us their determination!

NOXGUARD DEF wins 2017 DEF Logistics Award

Integer Logistics Award Winner

It is an honor to receive the first-ever Logistics Award for DEF. We were presented with the award this past September 27th at the 10th Integer DEF Forum USA 2017 in San Antonio Texas.

The DEF Logistics Services Award recognized the organization within the DEF industry that has demonstrated positive change or progress within the DEF distribution process. This category covered all transportation methods by rail, road, and water.

We would like to thank all of our customers who firmly believe NOXGUARDs’ use of innovative technology and equipment; as well as our effective management approaches, have yielded positive outcomes for them.

Winning this award and being part of the top group of DEF companies in the U.S.A comes with high prestige. We will be working hard through 2018 to earn an award at next years ceremony.



2017 DEF Integer Forum


Integer DEF Forum 2017


We are less than 2 months away from the 2017 DEF Integer Forum which will be taking place in San Antonio Texas. For the first year ever, the DEF forum has been separated from the Emissions Summit. Every year Integer hosts an Emissions Summit and DEF Forum for three conference days. This year for the 2017 DEF Integer Forum, DEF will be getting three whole days of information rich programs and activities.

During those days, the following will take place:

  • Networking events with key players of the DEF market in the North America market
  • Presentations of the current market, and what we can expect for the future
  • Product demonstrations
  • DEF Awards Ceremony and Gala Dinner – NEW

It looks like the 2017 DEF Integer Forum is the year for change. Integer is changing their conference style and adding more activities related to DEF.  It is exciting to see these changes and additions to the program. The awards ceremony will be recognizing the best of the best throughout North America. The categories for the awards are :

  • Customer Service Award
  • Equipment Innovation Award
  • DEF quality and education award
  • DEF logistics services award
  • Integer industry choice award

Any company that works with DEF and DEF related equipment can win an award, provided they were nominated. The awards ceremony is new to the conference, therefore we do not know much about how things will be happening. It will be entertaining to see all the attendees at the gala dinner, a very different setting from the usual lunches and events.

NOXGUARD as a silver sponsor


For this 2017 DEF Integer Forum, NOXGUARD will be participating as a silver sponsor. Our President William (Memo) Berriochoa Sr. will be one of 10 speakers during the forum; he will be speaking about the developments in the Mexican DEF market. On day 2 of the conference, a special breakfast for attendees will also be hosted by NOXGUARD. As always we will be sharing all information regarding DEF issues and developments with our customers and readers. Stay tuned for updates.



On set for a day


Last Friday our Transliquid offices turned into a film set for a day. We have a new video coming soon this summer 2017! The whole cast of Transliquid Technologies will be featured in this short film.


Set for a day

We really enjoyed ourselves while filming this video. It was a great moment as we realized how far the company has come in the last 7 years. The growth has been incredible, with many new employees and a growing transportation department. We are very proud of Transliquid and sharing this video with our customers, vendors , familiy and friends is one way to show it. The video will encompass all areas of Transliquid and the DEF business. Here are some behind the scenes pictures of the shoot.


set for a day   Set for a day


Coming soon –> Summer 2017!

2017 DEF Forecast (part III)- DEF equipment solutions

This segment of the blog series 2017 DEF Forecast, will focus on DEF equipment and other emission-reducing solutions. Along with the growth of DEF comes the need for DEF equipment. Dispensing and storage equipment for DEF are very important for this market, especially since it has such strict purity requirements. Manufacturers and distributors had to invest in a whole new line of equipment in order to sell the product. Equipment for DEF is still evolving and new and improved products are coming out every year.

DEF Equipment Solutions

 In the beginning

The largest equipment manufacturers in Europe had plenty 0f experience with Diesel Exhaust Fluid and quickly started selling in the US. One of the first and key companies was Piusi, they have been offering DEF pumps for over 10 years and have sold thousands of units. Their product line for DEF equipment includes pumps for totes and drums, in both manual, AC and DC formats. Along with the pumps, they also offer nozzles, meter, and accessories for DEF.

Similar to Piusi, it’s German neighbor Tecalmit also distributed their German pumps to the U.S. Although with different technologies, they offered a similar line of products for DEF. In addition to DEF pumps they also offer storage and product handling solutions, such as the bulk dispensing systems for DEF.

GPI and BB pumps are two brands who were initially in the DEF equipment market, originally from the United States and Netherlands.  These manufacturers are no longer in the DEF market and focus on other types of pumps.

DEF Equipment Solutions - DEFMoto Pump
DEF Equipment Solutions- P.O.D.S

The Future of DEF Equipment Solutions

DEF equipment has changed and evolved drastically, with new products and better technology. The original products are still available but now there is a wider selection of products. The main change in DEF equipment is the need to service the growing industries which are using the product. An example of this change was back in 2009 when the demand for access to DEF in a retail settings grew. Although bottles of DEF were easily distributed by truck stops countrywide, a need for bulk retail stations became imminent. Thus, creating a market for bulk retail systems specifically for DEF.

As the off-road market grows, new needs arise for the proper storage and transfer of DEF in off-road locations. A great piece of equipment which is fairly new is the DEF P.O.D.S  (Portable Off-road Dispensing System). Equipped with an integrated tank and stainless steel D/C pump for keeping DEF at hand in remote areas.

Manual pumps or even D/C powered pumps can be inconvenient for the bulk transfer of product. The DEFMoto autonomous DEF transfer system is the latest for locations with no access to a power source. With a gasoline-powered engine that can pump up a true 50 GPM.

The Marine sector, as mentioned before is growing slowing in regards to DEF. Off shore use of DEF for different machinery, will need DEF equipment solutions. The conditions for transfer, storage and dispensing will be ever changing and evolving. The same goes for Industrial settings, Rail, and Agricultural markets. Here at Transliquid, we are constantly updating our equipment product lines to offer our customers the very best solutions to their needs. We custom build for those customers with a unique mix of conditions.

Emission Reducing Solutions- Whats new?

Emission reducing solutions have come a long way since goverment proposals have gone through to reduce emissions from heavy duty vehicles. Although we are very familiar with SCR systems, there is a newer company which created a different system to deliver ammonia to the SCR system. Their ASDS™ system works with a solid ammonia material (AdAmmine™), in conjunction with the SCR system. This system claims to work great in city driving heavy duty vehicles, such as city buses. The technology does not depend on ambient temperature to be fully functioning in emission reduction. So this solution would work great for heavy duty vehicles that operate in cities where temperatures drop below freezing.


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